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Team Heretics win Nov 11-12 EU CWL 2K tournament – recap and final placements

Published: 12/Nov/2018 23:08

by Albert Petrosyan


The Call of Duty World League 2000 Series tournament for the Black Ops 4 competitive season has now wrapped up for the European region.

Spain-based Team Heretics claimed victory at the 2K tournament on November 12, securing the maximum 2,000 Pro Points and the $1,500 first place prize. 

They defeated Team Reciprocity in the finals 3-0, turning what was expected to be a tightly contested matchup into a really one-sided affair. 

The 3-0 victory capped off an impressive final three rounds for Heretics, who went 9-0 in map count from the quarterfinals on after narrowly winning 3-2 in the sixth round.

Team Reciprocity reached the final thanks to a semifinal victory over Team Stanley (see roster below) and a quarterfinal victory over Team 3G, who were the runners-up in last week’s tournament. 

The fact that these two teams met each other in the finals represented a significant improvement for both sides compared to last week’s tournament, where Team Heretics were eliminated in the sixth round and Team Reciprocity’s journey ended in the quarterfinals. 

Just as last week, there were some major teams that were notably absent from the second day of competition. This included defending champions ‘Team Sween,’ who were knocked out in round six, runners-up Team 3G coming in at 5-8, and Gone Gaming, who only lasted until the fifth round. 

The EU 2K tournament was the second if its kind to be played over the past few days, with the APAC region’s tournament having been won by Mindfreak on November 11. 

EU CWL 2K Series November 11-12, 2018 – Final Placements

Pro Points
Cash Prize
Team Name


Heretics KFC Lucky • MethodZ • Sukry • JurNii • MeTTalZz


Team Reciprocity wuskin • Tommey • Zed • Seany • Denz


 T32 Legends Piero • Kivi • Cookie • Sharko • Phantom
 Team Stanley Cammy • Chain • Defrag • Maple • SunnyB


 Need An Org Bidz • Colgate • Detain • Insight • Revolt
 Movistar Riders PuNi • Sammy • peLukaa • Supraaz • Oney
 EU CWL 2000 MadCat • Dqvee • Alexx • Peatie • Joshh
 Team 3G Niall • Braaain • Creza • Keza • Skrapz


 Team Sween QwiKeR • Weeman • Nolson • Dylan • Nevo
 Mecha eSports Hypno • Conor • HorridHarry • QueKaay • Chaxter
 2k 11-11 envdiaN • JaayZ • Coorsa • FlexZ • GameR
 CuDi Boyz Hawqeh • Denza • Moose • Reedy • Vortex
 Rgse545 Runner • Hicksy • Kiwi • ZoSoviet • Zenqo
 Vodafone Giants TojoR • Lgend • YaKo • Inven • Pepo
 Devious Gaming Carbines • Disarray • Fusionz • Genesis • LewTee
 Legion Gaming Jambo • LouiCM • Subsist • Traudey • Watson


 Bulldog eSports Ryann • ByronLynney • Swanny • Chunk • Patto
 GWG Blue ChipVans • HayzNBK • LiammD • Seannyy • SebiFPS
 iDomina Esports Blade • Predax • Pacobey • Wartex • Infernal
 German Elite Deezy • HaZee • LegacySnK • Recite • TPazy
 Flying Unicorns Indulto • Luka • Mitoh • Stirpeeh • Xaxe
 Gone Gaming Benji • DREAL • endurAAA • Malls • Zayrox
 Tarta de queso Alezy • ChuKy • SeviAS • Xemzed • xRoToo
 Staining Season Cliffey • H11GGSy • Ibrxhm • SSamueI • VoiDz
 eMonkeyz Dioni • Machete • Pabloskis • xCaLa • NaaNo
 Team Singularity Jambino • Lucidical • Ohmsen • Stiflaar • TobiiClean
 De Novo Gaming BoabyCee • Briggs • Copley • SamB • Xela
 B3LA Family Gaming Stikers • mAxxie • SLG • ZaaQ • Cobra
 Vinceremo Bisoo • Kolgaa • LeeGeenDz • Laser • Ultras
 BNL Allstars Jord • Jambolized • Creashy • EL_PAPPIII • Zeno
 BONSOIRPARISY Wailers • ZeeK • rizK • ATLAS • Breszy
 asdfghhjk eeroomhsoJ • Enomuz • Shmiffy • tuf0xy • YellowBeanBag
Call of Duty

Warzone Zombies ‘black screen’ glitch makes it impossible to see

Published: 21/Oct/2020 12:03

by Jacob Hale


The Zombie Royale mode in Warzone was barely a few hours old before frustrating glitches and bugs started popping up — and one of them is just giving players a black screen, making it impossible to see or play properly.

Whenever a new update or patch arrives in Warzone, or any game for that matter, there are likely to be some issues, whether it be balancing, servers or something similar.

That said, it’s usually something you can gloss over and not worry too much about until the next patch — but this doesn’t quite come under that category.

While the map for the new Zombie Royale mode is set at night time, some players are getting a little more darkness than they bargained for.

Warzone Zombie Royale prison
Zombie Royale sees players fighting off — and even becoming — zombies, in Modern Warfare’s Halloween event.

It wasn’t long before players realized that occasionally they would drop into the mode and be plunged into total darkness, with what people are referring to as the “black screen” glitch.

As shown in the video below — and from accounts by other players — the screen goes completely black except for the HUD, which doesn’t provide massive help when traversing Verdansk and engaging in gunfights.

It essentially gives the players affected no chance of winning their fights, barring some sort of miracle or some incredible callouts from teammates, making it almost impossible to win games.

Skip to 1:37 for bug

As you can see in the above video, there are a couple of ways to get rid of the black screen, but they’re not exactly helpful.

One method is to look through the Spotter Scope, which gives you your vision back and can at least be used to see where you are, and you also lose the black screen bug when you become a zombie, which kind of nullifies the point of the game mode in the first place.

It’s unclear what exactly is causing this bug, but expect Infinity Ward to be looking for a fix imminently — with any luck, this problem shouldn’t affect players for too much longer.