Mindfreak and Tainted Minds battle for top spot in APAC CWL 2K – Nov 11 Final Placements

. 4 years ago

The second APAC CWL 2K of Black Ops 4 has concluded with yet another battle for dominance between the two top teams in the region, Mindfreak and Tainted Minds.

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The two organizations share more than just mind alteration in their names, as they have been vying for the top spot for almost three seasons now, and it looks like Black Ops 4 will be more of the same as the pair met in the grand final once again.

The first 2K went the way of Tainted Minds in the end, as the new Mindfreak lineup featuring up and coming player Luke ‘Louqa’ Rigas were still to find their groove.

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However, it looks like another week of practice was just what the Mindfreak squad needed, as they overcame their rivals with a 3-1 victory in the final.

Tainted Minds will still be pleased to have put in another consistent showing, as the APAC region as a whole makes another attempt to compete with the very best from North America and Europe, it will need at least two strong rosters.

Mindfreak are not yet guaranteed a pool play spot at the first event, CWL Vegas, so it is a vitally important win to secure extra pro points ahead of their December 7 trip to the US.

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APAC CWL 2K November 11 2018 – Final Placements

Place Team Roster PPs
1 Mindfreak BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Louqa, Excite 2000 + $500
2 Tainted Minds Nimble, Damage, Swifty, Swiftazor, Setzyy  1200
3-4 ARRRM Immense, Killerpie, Eminence, Zepa, Zeuss 800
3-4 Team Obsidian Tyson, Bacabec, Cruze, Dean, Lakie 800
5-8 Sleeper Entice, Flanners, Middoh, Mifzor, Rorgh 600
5-8 Rexona Astatiix, Fate, Sizzie, Liaym, ZeroMyGoodness 600
5-8 Fury Danelk, Lexxen, ManOfChicken, Trent, Zoox 600
5-8 Winning Formula Mckenna, Riqz, Jazhn, Claw, Fierce 600
9-16 Dripping Cones, wavxr, Cobbz, Fraizzed, Illusionz 400
9-16 Vintage Monstahh, Perkohh, Kytosys, Azzi, Fati 400
9-16 G’d Up Kenaan, Nerveez, Erwin, Ritter, Gqmerr 400
9-16 Venom TheB4EM, Crivzor, Pacey, Reaperr, Blakey 400
9-16 Threat Perky, Jarzy, cregan, xVstan, Coxyy 400
9-16 Senix Pastilz, currykid, Hyparrz, KOVACZ, DwyLow 400
9-16 RapidESC Fatal, Browny, Smiley, Trinity, Traumitjsed 400
9-16 Overdose Lucks, Crazje, Rustabation, Suttoh, Baturi 400
17-32 Lil John  Control, ReSchyyy, Enable, Snicklfitz, Rxgulate 200
17-32 Sozo fkVsnz, Denzil, LeSquirtle, twixmate, Scorma 200
17-32 Butter Chicken Tempts, Schultzz, Statiic, Tommy, Murphyy 200
17-32 BGQSS Agonnyy, bangbang, Qrissy, ShyXIII, PotatoWiFi 200
17-32 RogueESC Fkinq, NeoN, MASOO, Golinskz, Skitzii 200
17-32 9 Live Pommy, Frenzzyus, LezMate, SouthPore, weiss 200
17-32 Boom Boom DizmuLL, Spaydz, Snoopdify, Hafez, Caarry 200
17-32 Here we go LWGibson, Holts, Frenzanator, Knoxii, Addii 200
17-32 ESGR Victah, Skipahh, Phzeq, Prqui, LittleMuzza 200
17-32 Defiance Smiithyy, Venitii, Haagzs, GodOfMclovin, Zovakk 200
17-32 DarthESC Occeyy, OHal, Hoode, fkAzuriTe, Reniial 200
17-32 Sum-Yung Guys GaLvZ, Jericho, OhMyFaker, Aveen, inaki 200
17-32 Uraw3apon Muzzinn, Mullaa, iKilla, Fergzz, uhnbc 200
17-32 Faded Sharpr, Khorasi, Frogger, Gilly, TysonTheRand 200
17-32 Salad fingers ManySe, Mentxl, Kizza, Maljy, EnviousKitty 200
17-32 Call if anything Laazz, Frecacity, Remenzi, Agonzy, Kunjoh 200

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