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Team ‘BabyFaZe’ wins CDL Challengers cup #1: final placements & results

Published: 7/Dec/2020 5:40 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 13:22

by Brad Norton


The very first Call of Duty Challengers event of the Black Ops Cold War cycle is officially in the books as the top amateur players across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific battled it out. Here’s a full recap of how it all played out.

Black Ops Cold War might still be fresh, but the world’s best amateur players are already grinding it out in official competitions. Challengers Cups are the biggest open events across every major region, so all of the top names in the scene come out to give it their all.

From former Call of Duty League talent to up and coming stars carving out a name for themselves, it’s the ultimate proving ground. Well over a thousand teams entered the running for this first Challengers event. Though only a select few could place in the money.


If you missed the weekend-long event, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete breakdown of how the first Challengers Cup of BOCW unfolded across each region.

NA Challengers Cup #1 Results

As a result of competitive CoD shrinking teams down to four players per roster, it’s safe to say that Challengers is more competitive than ever before. Various CDL-level pros have formed teams in the amateur circuit to prove their value and make their way back to the very top of the scene. From ACHES to Chino and even Karma, there were a ton of big names involved in this first NA event.


After a long bracket with hundreds of teams, the finals came down to a matchup between BabyFaZe and Revenge Tour. Ultimately, BabyFaZe continued a hotstreak, outclassing their opponents 3-0 and carrying out a nine map win streak from the upper bracket.

Meanwhile, veterans like Karma, finished in the Top 6 alongside ACHES, Classic, and Saints. Other familiar names such as Triumph and the Los Angeles Guerillas Academy team also pushed through to the top of the standings in this opening event.

Placement Team Prize
1st BabyFaZe $2,000
2nd Revenge Tour $500
3rd HYXR
4th Westernos
Top 6 LvG imagine?
LAG Academy
Top 8 Triumph
Sicario Gaming

EU Challengers Cup #1 Results

On the European side of things, a formidable new squad has emerged. Coming from multiple rosters in the Modern Warfare season, House Tarth collects some of the best talent in the region and they’ve proven their skills in this first event.


It seems we could have a close rivalry at the top of the scene for quite some time. Team Singularity managed to push through the lower bracket and win the first bo5 in the finals. However, House Tarth fought back and swept through the second bo5 in the blink of an eye.

Veteran names like Dqvee, Weeman, and Breszy, all made an impact in the top eight for this opening event. Expect to see them keeping form throughout the coming year. 

Placement Team Prize
1st  House Tarth $2,000
2nd  Team Singularity $500
3rd  BULLFROG  –
4th  RAMS  –
Top 6  Connect 4  –
 Xbox Squad  –
Top 8  Obtained Esports  –
 Team Sween  –

APAC Challengers Cup #1 Results

A familiar name dominated the first event in APAC. Continuing their undefeated streak in a new title, with some new firepower, Renegades took out the grand prize this time around. Hot off the heels of a flawless Modern Warfare season, the roster had been revamped slightly ahead of BOCW.


Former Paris Legion players Shockz and Louqa joined previous members Fighta and Pred. They cruised through the upper bracket and swept the grand final series over VOID.

Various Japanese teams managed to crack into the top eight, though it seems they’ll have a mountain to climb if anyone wants to dethrone Renegades in BOCW.

Placement Team Prize
1st Renegades $1,000
2nd VOID $500
3rd Chiefs Esports Club
4th 2Balanced
Top 8 Libalent Vertex
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