Syndicate lashes out at CoD devs for “failing” the franchise

Shay Robson
Syndicate wearing a black t-shirt

Call of Duty YouTube star Syndicate has hit out at the Call of Duty devs, claiming they’ve failed the franchise.

Call of Duty is a vastly different game from what it once was. From boots on the ground to jet packs and exo-suits, the popular first-person shooter has continuously changed in numerous ways over the past decade.

Over the years, some fans have even lost their love for the franchise and have ultimately left for other games, but many are still sticking with CoD despite it in general not being in the best state right now.

However, veteran Call of Duty YouTuber Syndicate has put the devs on blast, claiming they’ve failed the franchise.

In a series of tweets on March 25, the long-time player noted how CoD was once his go-to game, but has changed since the devs began caring about money rather than gameplay.

“I’ll be the one to say it how it is. @CallofDuty you used to be the head of the game,” the 29-year-old wrote. “You were the go-to game for me in my childhood. At least back then you knew how to carry a game and a franchise… but now all you care about is money not gameplay. YOU FAILED.”

Syndicate continued: “I’m playing FORTNITE on my streams…. And having more fun. YOU ARE WORTH BILLIONS. IT’S EMBARRASSING. There was so much you could’ve done. But you didn’t. It’s sad you chose the shareholders over the players. And more so @Treyarch that’s at you.

“Your lead developers in their fields left… and nothing you have done since then has been of substantial value. The Custom MOD community has added more value to the franchise than you have in the last 5 years… It’s a joke.”

He added: “Pull your god damn finger out.”

The feeling is also mutual among the community, with CoD fans “livid” at state of Warzone 2 & MW2, meanwhile, Fortnite continues to thrive and CSGO shines following Counter-Strike 2’s announcement.

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