CoD players “livid” at state of Warzone 2 & MW2 after CS2 announced and Fortnite thrives

call of duty warzone operator next to a Counter-Strike 2 characterActivision/Valve

Call of Duty players have been left “livid” at the state of the franchise, after a litany of announcements and major changes that saw Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and more shine, while Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 seemingly struggle.

On March 22, 2023, Epic Games added Creative 2.0 to Fortnite, a huge step-up that allows players to create just about anything they want in the game (even emulating Call of Duty maps and modes), while Counter-Strike 2 was officially announced by Valve and opened for limited beta testing.

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Meanwhile, both Warzone and multiplayer are struggling to reach the heights they have in the past, with multitudes of complaints from players every day.

As pointed out by CharlieINTEL, while other games are thriving, players are still “waiting for Warzone 1 features to return to Warzone 2.”

This sentiment is certainly one that has rippled throughout all corners of the Call of Duty community since the announcements for other games were made.

“Todays gaming announcements have made me livid about the current state that call of duty is in,” said vinny7299 on Reddit, referencing both CS2 and Fortnite’s announcements while also questioning the decision to remove 10v10 playlists from Modern Warfare 2.

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Many in the comments were in full agreement, saying that some of the decisions made in Call of Duty are “completely absurd.”

There’s been a lot of talk across social media of how Call of Duty can work to push back and stop players from flocking over to Counter-Strike 2 and Fortnite, with all its new modes and games available, but whether any major changes come in any time soon remains to be seen.