“Overpowered” Grau 5.56 loadout absolutely dominates in Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber ‘Swagg’ found a way to make the new Grau 5.56 rifle in Modern Warfare ‘overpowered’ – and it’s starting to remind him of the AK-12 from past titles.

The launch of Season 2 gave every Modern Warfare player the chance to pick up the reinvented rifle from Black Ops 2. While many are still tinkering with the weapon’s capabilities, Swagg already found a setup for the “G-joint” to mow down opponents.

Taking attachments that boosts the Grau’s accuracy while giving it a healthy amount of range to complement its ability to tag people from distance, and make it a default weapon of choice for various situations.

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Infinity Ward
The Grau has the potential of being one of the best guns in Modern Warfare.

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To get it there, Swagg attached the Monolithic suppressor, the FFS 20.8” Nexus barrel, the Commando Foregrip underbarrel, XRK Void II rear grip, and the 50 round extended mag for additional firepower.

The gun already has decent control and damage to make it a favorite among players, but Swagg’s enhancements take it to another level.

“A lot of you know about this DLC weapon,” he said in his latest video. “I think it’s a top-three gun in the game, maybe one of the best guns in the game.”

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He clued in his viewers that changing the barrel to this gun also affects the ironsight the gun sports in the game, eventually giving him the “ironsight that looks exactly like the AK-12.”

The ensuing gameplay showed off the loadout’s capabilities, showing the content creator making plays from short-to-long range and lighting up the killfeed with the Grau.

Even after a multikill, he managed to keep the gun in control to transfer his spray and having loads of ammo left in the clip after being done.

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Swagg via YouTube
Swagg’s Grau 5.56 setup in Modern Warfare.

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“Did you see how easy that nuke was?” he said. “The gun is just that good. [This setup] is how to make it overpowered. This is the best setup by far.”

There will be plenty of players testing out the Grau 5.56 for themselves in Modern Warfare Season 2, and Swagg’s setup could easily be one of the more popular loadouts for the new weapon.

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