Modern Warfare & Warzone glitch makes enemies totally invisible

Jacob Hale
CoD Modern Warfare operators

Modern Warfare and Warzone players have been complaining about a glitch that is rendering their enemies invisible and making it much harder to have a successful game.

Although there wasn’t a major update on July 14, a number of players started to report that they were being killed by seemingly invisible enemies, and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Of course, in the game you can use certain angles and positions to your advantage and see enemies that can’t see you – but this seems to go one step further.

Infinite Warfare Phantom character
In Infinity Ward’s last outing, Infinite Warfare, the Phantom character could go invisible with Active Camo… but that isn’t usually an option in Modern Warfare.

While once upon a time you could pop Active Camo to make yourself invisible in Call of Duty, that’s not an option in Modern Warfare or Warzone, but there does seem to be an issue that is preventing enemy character models from appearing on screen.

A number of players had mentioned it throughout the day on July 14, but it became evident that there was a big issue when the below clip started to circulate.

Posting the footage to Reddit, BourbonKing was raiding Zhokov Boneyard when they started getting peppered through the plane they were searching.

Finally, they were taken out and sent to the Gulag, but it was completely unclear where the enemy was – until the killcam popped up.

As it turned out, when Bourbon was finally killed, they saw exactly where the opponent was: and they were directly ahead, stood in the doorway, as clear as day.

While those in the comments seemed unsure over whether it was just a glitch or the player was hacking, it seems unlikely that this is a hack – and if it was, it was a really, really good one.

Players were reporting issues in both Warzone and Modern Warfare multiplayer, but so far Infinity Ward are yet to make a statement on the glitch but, needless to say, they’ll want to look into it and get it fixed sooner rather than later.