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Strange Cold War Zombies bug turns game in Wii classic

Published: 7/Aug/2021 11:08 Updated: 7/Aug/2021 11:09

by Sam Comrie


Cold War Zombies players encounter all sorts of bugs in their travels. For this player, they might as well have called it a day. 

We all know that Call of Duty games can have their fair share of visual oddities. Most of them are temporary glitches that are often hilarious as they are game-breaking.

Sometimes, these glitches can transform the game into an entirely new beast. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing. 

For one CoD: Zombies fan, their seemingly ordinary game of Die Maschine was unexpectedly transformed into a rarely seen wave of colour.

An desolate bunker in the middle of a forest.
Die Maschine takes place in a rebooted Zombies classic.

A truly Madworld

Booting into a game of Die Maschine Zombies, the player is normally welcomed with the chilling forest backdrop of Morasko, Poland. Surrounded by the vastness of towering trees and blankets of snow, the Nacht Der Untoten soft reboot is both visually stunning as it is terrifying beneath the surface. Surely it couldn’t get any more unnerving? Well we’ve seen it all now. 


Bathing in splashes of hot red ooze, heavily contrasted blacks and ice white, Die Maschine will never be the same again. It is unclear how Space-Kook activated this unique visual glitch, but the results have produced some interesting comparisons from other players. 

Bringing it back to a time when Nintendo’s pioneering Wii console dominated the land, one player compared the bug to a Wii classic. 

Another strange visual bug I got from CODZombies

Madworld, developed by Platinum Games, was released in March 2009. Making headlines at the time for including brutally violent gameplay that utilized the Wii’s nunchucks for maximum madness, the title became a cult classic among the Wii’s library.


Employing a similar visual style, reminiscent of Western and Japanese comic books, this visual bug is a welcome call back. “It’s like the true setting of Shadows Of Evil: hell” said another curious fan, comparing the glitch to the divisive Black Ops III map. 

Cold War Zombies has recently enjoyed a new wave of content, with the release of Mauer Der Toten on July 15. Next week, players will be treated to a host of new content ranging from fresh perks to field upgrades.