Soundcloud rapper Pouya threatens CoD pro SiLLY on Twitter

SoundCloud rapper Kevin Pouya and Team Envy’s Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo-Palmer have locked horns on Twitter, in an engagement that initially had fans scratching their heads.

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It’s not too often that you see the world of music crossover with the world of Call of Duty, but that’s exactly what happened in just a few short Tweets on December 21.

The Miami rapper apparently took offense to something that SiLLY said on Twitter, which led to a particularly heated Tweet that seemingly came out of nowhere.

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“Yo fuck you, [SiLLY] stay in your lane with your fucking video games before you get smoked,” read the Tweet posted on December 21.

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It took SiLLY a few hours to see the Tweet in question, but once he did, he responded in kind by saying that “nobody even said anything about you.”

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While no one seemed to know what exactly had set off the rapper in the first place, one user posted an explanation by referring to a Tweet that SiLLY had posted the day before.

SiLLY had responded to a picture of Pouya’s frequent rap partner Fat Nick, making reference to an ongoing investigation into rape accusations against Pouya.

While Pouya has yet to confirm that this is the true reason for the beef, it hasn’t stopped fans of both parties from taking sides in the situation.

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Neither Pouya nor SiLLY have said anything else on the matter, so there’s no telling if things have blown over or if we’ll see a continuation of this somewhere down the line.