Sledgehammer Announces a Multiplayer Hotfix and Double XP Opportunities in CoD: WWII

Sledgehammer Games announced a small Hotfix in Call of Duty: WWII, along with some Double XP opportunities.

The Hotfix, released on Friday, August 10, brought a small set of changes to multiplayer in order to optimize some issues that players have been reporting to the studio.

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After Sledgehammer unveiled Master Prestige Awards, some players were unable to claim the items in Headquarters, which led to the developer implementing a ‘Phase One’ fix. 

A full list of the adjustments can be found below from the official Sledgehammer post on the WWII subreddit.

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Hot Fix and Playlist Update

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“Hey everyone,

We won’t be livestreaming today, since we’ll also be playing the Black Ops 4 beta. We also won’t be livestreaming next Friday, since we’ll be tuning in to CWL Champs in Ohio. That said, we will still be posting our SHG Weekly Community Updates today and next week.

For now, we wanted to inform you of some hot fixes we just rolled out this morning and let you know about the Weekend Warfare playlist update for today:


  • Pushed out a Phase 1 fix for issue where some players were not able to access their Master Prestige rewards. Players will need to idle in the first HQ menu (with vertical panels) for about 90 seconds and then navigate to the full HQ to see rewards show up. We will monitor and assess whether or not a Phase 2 fix is needed. Thank you for your patience!
  • Fixed Cavalry Division exploit (Free Rifleman and no shield, but still with Fast Capture and Cavalry Assists)
  • Fixed UI issue with weapon acquisition description”

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Players will also have the opportunity to earn Double XP in Prop Hunt and Nazi Zombies via the ‘Weekend Warfare’ Playlist Update until Monday, August 13 at 10 AM PST, as shown in the same Reddit post.

“Today’s Weekend Warfare playlist update includes: 2XP on Prop Hunt and 2XP (still on) for Nazi Zombies. Live until 10AM PDT on Monday, August 13.”