New Modern Warfare SMG accidentally made available in-game

Infinity Ward

We may already have our first look at a Season 4 weapon as one Modern Warfare player accidentally loaded into a game with an unknown SMG.

With each new Modern Warfare season comes new maps, cosmetics, and even powerful weapons. The Call of Duty title’s third season kicked off on April 8 and delivered the KS semi-auto carbine, along with the 9mm Renetti pistol.

An additional LMG was also added after it leaked in-game before its official release. History appears to have repeated itself, as another weapon has slipped through the cracks ahead of Modern Warfare’s next content drop.

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Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s third season has introduced three new weapons thus far.

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Upcoming SMG appears in Modern Warfare

In an already SMG-dominated meta, it looks as though another powerful addition could be on the way in Modern Warfare’s Season 4 update.

Loading into a game of Infected on May 11, one lucky player was randomly given an unknown SMG upon spawning. There was no trickery or glitching involved. The infected game type randomly hands out weapons and this particular instance provided a yet to be revealed SMG.

‘SM_CHARLIE9’ is the placeholder name for the weapon and this particular variant came equipped with 9mm Parabellum rounds.

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How powerful will the potential Season 4 weapon be?

With 30 bullets in each magazine, this fast-firing SMG appears to be lethal from up close but difficult to control at range. Perhaps that is the balance of the new weapon in general, or the recoil has been exacerbated by the Parabellum attachment.

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Regardless, the reload speed is among the fastest we’ve seen in the SMG category. Barely a second after initiating a reload, you’ll be shooting again with an extremely rapid rate of fire.

Damage is impossible to gauge without seeing the weapon in action against other players, but it certainly looks to pack a punch from up close.

Infinity Ward
The MP7 SMG is one of the most popular Warzone weapons but could it soon be dethroned?

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While this SMG appeared in-game at random, there’s no telling when it may be released, if at all. It could be released towards the end of Season 3, or it may never see the light of day. With a fully-functioning in-game model, however, it’s likely that we see more of this weapon sooner than later.

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Season 4 is just weeks away. Here’s when it’s expected to launch and everything that should be coming along with the next major content drop.