Scump on retirement rumors, possibly joining 100 Thieves and more on Nadeshot’s podcast

Isaac McIntyre

Call of Duty League is beginning next year on 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot‘ Haag’s podcast.

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Scump is one of the most storied CoD players in the world. The 24-year-old first joined OpTic in 2012 during Modern Warfare 3, and claimed a world championship in Infinite Warfare. The tenured veteran has worn OpTic’s green for more years than some players have known about CoD, but now he’s bracing for a new future after the founding of the new franchised league.

Rumors have swirled recently that the star with nearly 30 major championship wins under his belt may be calling time on his career in the franchised world. Abner addressed those rumors, and his plans for the future, on a podcast with Nadeshot and Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop.

2G GAMERZScump is considered one of the best CoD pros to have ever played.
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Retirement Rumors

After nine years with the Greenwall, and countless tournaments and titles, it would come as no surprise that Scump was thinking about putting down the controller. With his long-term organization disappearing into city-based franchises, even more so.

That’s not how the King’s mind works, however. He wants to be the best and stay the best, for as long as he can. “I am not retiring, people think I am,” he said on the podcast.

“I think I have a couple more years playing, I’d say two or three max. The way my mind works is really weird, and I haven’t talked about this as much, but when I want to do something I want to be completely committed. I’m still a competitive Call of Duty player.”

Call of Duty, TwitchScump has considered moving into content creation in recent times.
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The Switch to Fortnite

While three years might be a long time, Scump knows his time in the CoD pro scene won’t last forever. One suggestion podcast co-host CouRage raised was the possibility of Scump making the permanent switch to Fortnite. It’s something he’s considered before.

“My Fortnite videos did surprisingly well, they were doing better than some of my CoD videos at the time,” revealed Scump.

“That was a long time ago though, if I tried to play Fortnite now it would be an absolute bloodbath. I would have loved to (make the swap) but there’s so much pressure from the Greenwall and the supporters, if I were to do that and then go to a tournament and get top eight they would solely blame it on me playing Fortnite.”

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Career End Goals

There will come a time when Call of Duty no longer is the only thing dominating Scump’s mind and time, however. When it does, he’ll reassess what he’s doing. One option, Nadeshot cheekily suggested in the podcast, was for him to join 100 Thieves as a content creator.

“100 Thieves? For content purposes? I mean yeah, that’s definitely my end-goal,” he said, before pointing to Nadeshot and CouRage’s papers. “Are one of these a contract?

“Obviously whenever I end up playing anymore that’s what I want to pursue, that’s what a lot of people want to do. You (Nadeshot) made 100 Thieves, which sounds awesome. Not worrying about analytics and viewers is good. Potentially, just wait on it.”

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For Scump fans, this is all great news. Two or three more years in the CDL system, before swapping to content creation full-time means the world champion will never disappear from Twitch and YouTube. He may even have a chance to claim a CDL championship.

Scump has made no official announcement on his CDL future, though he is currently contracted by OpTic’s parent company Immortals Gaming Club. IGC hold one of the two Los Angeles franchise slots for the 2020 season.

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