Scump hits back at CoD fans who criticize him for playing Fall Guys

Theo Salaun

After taking some breaks between practice sessions to enjoy Fall Guys and Warzone, Chicago Huntsmen’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has had to put critics in their place after they questioned his dedication and preparation ahead of the Call of Duty League Playoffs.

There will be $4.6 million on the line during the CDL Playoffs and Championship Weekend, so it’s not surprising that all 12 teams are currently hard at work practicing for the biggest CoD tournament ever.

But no one can prepare for 24 hours a day, and some players like Scump and his Huntsmen teammates choose to wind down after intense scrims with some Fall Guys, something which they’ve been criticized for by some fans.

But the King isn’t having it and has hit back at those sending such complaints: “Imagine practicing CoD for 4-5 hours DAILY for the past YEAR, then getting told not to jump around as a hotdog for a few hours with the boys.”

Fall Guys released on August 4 and has quickly risen in popularity as a silly distraction fit for goofing off with friends. So, it’s not hard to see why some CoD pros are choosing it as their game of choice when cooling down.

However, a lot of concerned Huntsmen fans have taken to Twitter, Twitch chat, and wherever else possible to complain about the jelly bean game’s infringement on Scump’s practice time.

They’ve even directly asked Chicago’s CEO, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, to rein in his players’ Fall Guys hours.

Huntsmen veteran Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson took a more sarcastic route in his reply to the criticisms, while OpTic Gaming LA substitute Martin ‘Chino’ Chino was quick to remind fans that Scump enjoying other games doesn’t have to mean he’ll “forget how to shoot.”

There’s also the very legitimate concern of burnout, as Arcity’s explained in another tweet, that there’s a chance “overplaying” a game could result in a dip in performance.

In response, a ton of professional Call of Duty players chimed in — many expressing that it is possible to train too hard and burn yourself out,

This timely discussion demonstrates that Chicago’s players aren’t concerned about playing Modern Warfare too infrequently, but are instead intent on breaking up the monotony of rigorous practice with chances to relax and have some fun on games like Fall Guys.

What’s ignored by the fans, in this instance, is that their favorite team is still grinding, they just happen to be engaging in some more casual team bonding as well. And it just so happens that Fall Guys has hilarious effects on camaraderie.

The Huntsmen are the fourth seed heading into the CDL postseason and will play their first game on Friday, August 21. They will either face the New York Subliners or London Royal Ravens, depending on who wins that first-round matchup.

Until then, expect to see Scump and co spend most of their time practicing but also loosening up a bit after on Fall Guys.

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