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Scump further hints at possible AR role switch in future CDL seasons

Published: 18/Oct/2021 11:30

by Jacob Hale


Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is one of the longest-standing pros in the Call of Duty League today and possibly the greatest SMG of all time — but now he’s hinted once again at a potential switch to an AR in the future.

The idea of Scump maybe switching to an assault rifle role isn’t a completely new one; it’s one he’s hinted at over the years, and one fans have wanted to see for even longer.

We’ve seen plenty of players switch roles over the years, be it can be dependent on the meta or what they personally feel most comfortable with.


During the 2021 Cold War season, for example, we saw Kenny go from an SMG to an AR for LA Thieves and have even more impressive showings. So, could Scump do the same?

Scump OpTic Chicago
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Could Scump be just as good with an AR in hand?

Fans will have seen Scump pick up an AR on occasions during the season from an opponent, or even in team scrims and 8s lobbies over the years, but he’s never fully committed to actually being an AR player.

In a new YouTube video posted on October 17, however, Scump revisited the topic ahead of the 2022 season.

“A lot of people have been telling me to switch over to the AR because I’m kind of getting into the latter years of my career… or so people think,” he explained. “I think if I needed to switch to an AR in the upcoming years then, you know what, it might just be in the cards.”


While it could be possible in the future, if the CDL roster leaks are anything to go by, he won’t have to switch for the 2022 season at least.

If the rumored OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire merger team becomes a thing, with both iLLeY and Dashy on the team, there’ll be no need for Scump to pick up an AR.

In the future, though? Clearly, it’s something Scump has thought about and refuses to completely write off.