Scump thinks CDL format is ‘broken’ but claims there’s one easy fix

Scump CDL 2021 formatYouTube: OpTic Chicago / Call of Duty League

Call of Duty League’s 2021 Champs event is now locked in and with the full structure revealed, OpTic Chicago’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has explained how the current format is ‘broken,’ pleading for a fix in future seasons.

The CDL has officially confirmed this year’s Champs format, with only eight of the league’s 12 teams set to attend. With details now locked in, not only does it mark the smallest end-of-year event in CoD history, but it also has wider implications for the full 2021 season, according to Scump.

Having played through the first four stages now, Scump has already grown to “hate” the CDL format. But with Champs on the horizon, the veteran has made it clear the entire season is one big “structural mishap from the CDL.”

With just one stage remaining, “the bottom four teams can’t make it [to Champs],” he argued during the July 7 OpTic podcast. As a result, the current format is leading to inconsequential games that “people don’t care about.”

“Everyone’s already clinched for Champs,” Scump explained, currently sitting in fifth place overall. The gap between the top eight and bottom four teams is large enough that Stage 5 results only have implications for the final Major.

“That’s obviously still important,” he added, “but people don’t care about that as much.” Offering a quick fix for the last few weeks of regular-season action, Scump pitched an idea to properly engage the bottom teams.

“If there were a few matches that dictated whether you’re going to Champs or not, it’d be way more hype.”

Call of Duty League
The pathway to Champs should be more exciting, according to Scump.

While Stage 5 and the pathway to Champs is one key issue, Scump also went on to criticize the seasonal structure as a whole. League matches can be great for “consistency,” he argued. After all, “it’s good repetition.” However, “it’s too much repetition on too many days.”

“This format… we don’t get any breaks, we play matches every single week. We had a week break during the year and it was like, holy sh**, thank God.” 

Instead of a more intricate format with games all through the year, Scump wants to see a return to form for competitive CoD. “There should be eight tournaments throughout the year based on points and that’s it.”

The relevant topic begins at the 35:05 mark below.

With Scump’s ideal format, all CDL teams would be featured at every event throughout the year, no different to how CoD events were organized prior to franchising.

While the 2021 cycle is drawing to a close, there’s still Stage 5 and Champs for OpTic to focus on. You can keep up with all the latest Call of Duty League news & results with our 2021 CDL overview coverage hub.