Can John solve LA Thieves’ CDL problems?

Jacob Hale
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After a constant string of roster moves, LA Thieves seem to have finally settled on their CDL Stage 5 starting line-up as we get into the business end of the season, and they think John is the missing piece of the puzzle. But is he?

John has been added to LA Thieves and immediately slotted into a starting roster spot, presumed to line up alongside Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat, Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Williams and Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan.

John is no stranger to success, despite spending the last couple of seasons either out of action or grinding away in the Challengers scene. He has won multiple championships, including the 2016 world championship.

That said, LA Thieves are looking to come out on top in the final tournaments of the season, and are resting their hopes on John returning to his Black Ops 3 form. But will he really help that much?

John LG at CWL MLG event
John is no stranger to success in Call of Duty.

It’s no secret that LA Thieves have struggled throughout their first season in the Call of Duty League, as evidenced by their frequent roster swaps and rapid rises and declines in the power rankings.

As Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion explains on Reverse Sweep Round 11, the veteran SMG has some fantastic qualities and an impressive track record — but it’s hard to tell whether he is the key to bringing the Thieves to the top.

“This is a man who’s been winning titles since Ghosts,” Enigma explains. “He’s experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows that can be offered in Call of Duty. He has a wealth of intangibles… he might have that quiet leadership to help see them through those tight situations that mid-table teams need.”

Enigma believes that John’s hyper-aggressive playstyle and pop-off potential appears to fit exactly what LA Thieves need, but with how their season has panned out, it might not fall that way.

“I have this [move] taking LA Thieves back to being a really solid mid-table side,” Enigma concludes. “I don’t see this making them compete for championships, and despite LAT’s best efforts, I don’t see this making them win anything throughout the back end of this season.”

However it pans out, it’s definitely exciting to see one of the best SMG players in CoD history returning to the main stage.

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