Red Reserve CoD Player Skrapz Is Hilariously Forced to Ride in a Car With a Random Family and a Kid Who Bites His Bag

Albert Petrosyan

Sometimes people have bad days in which everything seems to be annoying and go against them.

For Red Reserve professional Call of Duty player Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall, July 26th was definitely a day that he would rather forget.

Needing to get back to his room from the MLG Arena in Columbus, OH, Skrapz decided to call a location-based transportation service called Uber.

However, he apparently chose the wrong option and ended up having to ride along a host of other people rather than getting his own, personal driver.

Unfortunately for Skrapz, the people he was riding with was a random family that included several small children, and he had to sit next to one of them for the duration of his trip.

In a couple of videos that he posted on his Twitter page, he documented the conditions of his car ride, including the horror of annoyance that he had to endure at the hands of the young child he was sitting next to.

The first video shows the interior of the crowded vehicle, and the child pulling away at his bag and shorts, all of which is comically enhanced by the hilarious look of delirium on Skrapz’s face.

Having been fed up by the torment, Skrapz, who is known to be a comedian at times, flashes a slight middle finger at the child next to him, and even he could not hold back his laugh at the debacle.

This of course all happened after Skrapz and his Red Reserve team got reverse swept in their first match of the week at the CWL Pro League, adding a whole dose of insult to injury.

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