Parasite goes viral after being kicked for DM’ing teammate’s girlfriend

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CoD World Champion Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte has responded to allegations of messaging teammate and fellow CoD pro Alex ‘Zaptius’ Bonilla’s girlfriend – in the middle of a series. 

Since winning the Black Ops II World Championship back in 2013, Parasite has struggled to find a consistent home in Call of Duty. An incredible 31 teams in 7 years has seen Parasite stuck on the fringes of professional CoD.

He has not managed to find his way onto a Call of Duty League side, instead competing in CDC Challengers tournaments in the hopes of using his performances as a platform onto one of the 12 franchise teams. During the Chicago Huntsmen CDC $7,500 Open on April 26, it emerged that Duarte had been messaging the apparent girlfriend of his CDC teammate Alex ‘Zaptius’ Bonilla.

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Parasite being interviewed after CDC LA win.Activision
Parasite has been successful in some CDC tournaments so far.

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As with the CDL itself, all CDC tournaments have been moved online. Parasite’s roster were drawn against Team Singularity in the Chicago CDC Grand Finals – a match they eventually lost – but the game was overshadowed by some personal allegations thrown by Zaptius.

In a now deleted tweet, Zaptius accused Parasite of sending private messages to his girlfriend with the intention of “trying to get with her” in the middle of the CDC tournament. The clash led to Parasite being dropped from the roster, confirmed by the ex-World Champion with a number of tweets saying he is now a free agent.

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Duarte also seemed to confirm the allegations, apologizing to both Zaptius and the wider CoD community for his actions. “Not proud of all that but it is what it is,” he said. “Mistakes were made. Wasn’t thinking straight at all. We can only move forward, that’s life.”

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He also announced that he wants to leave the incident behind him, explaining that his new focus is finding a new team to compete in the CoD Challengers Events with. This will become team number 32 for the once-Fariko Impact star.

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“I deserve all the hate, I’m sorry guys,” he said, in another deleted tweet. “I really threw away friendships and a top 2 challenger team over something so stupid. I don’t know what else to say. just [want to] disappear.”

Twitter: @Parasite
Parasite’s now-deleted tweet.

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Zaptius, for his part, focused on Call of Duty, tweeting his congratulations to Team Singularity for their win. The only indication of any personal drama is a tweet describing his life as a “movie”.

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Despite the controversy, and alleged screenshots of the messages Parasite sent to Zapitus’ girlfriend emerging, both men seem keen to put the incident behind them and focus on their Call of Duty going forward.

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