Pandur slams teammates after CWL Pro League Qualifier failure

Connor Bennett

Pittsburgh Knights player Casey ‘Pandur’ Romano has criticised his teammate’s preparation and attitude towards the Call of Duty Pro League Qualifier in the wake of their elimination.

The squad secured their spot in the Pro League Qualifier after an impressive 13-16 placing at the first event of the season – CWL Las Vegas – following a run through the play-in bracket.

However, just after the turn of the new year, they made two changes. Dylan ‘Theory’ McGee and Andres ‘Lacefield’ Lacefield were replaced by Richard ‘Ricky’ Stacy and Renato ‘Saints’ Forza after the pair was spotted practicing with the team only a few days prior.

The changes didn’t work, however, as the team bombed out of the Pro League Qualifier in 21-24 place. Yet, ‘Pandur’ stated that the team set themselves up for failure before the event.

He tweeted: “We got what we deserved our prep was horrible there was little effort and a lot of unnecessary complaining not everyone participated in vod prior to the event there was little respect shown to half the teams in our pool just trash talk and we had 3 chances to get 2nd and blew it.”

His passionate post didn’t end there as he opened up on the team’s failings to communicate properly and play the Control better.

He added: “I appreciate everyone saying we should be in bracket but at the end of the day people came to play and we had no teamwork horrible comms and we were the worst control team in the world and played one set of snd the day before we left and the team we played didn’t try. We did this.

“Not the system or anything or that nature. With that being said we go again just gotta look forward.”

The Pro League Qualifier is still ongoing and you follow all the action from our dedicated event hub, here. 

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