CWL Vegas 2018 $250,000 Tournament – Final Placements and Prize Breakdown

The first open event of the Black Ops 4 season Ian being held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on December 7-9 and features over 250 teams battling it out for a share of the $250,000 prize pool. 

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With this being the first event of the year, there was plenty of hype and intrigue as it served as a fresh start for most teams after tons of roster moves throughout the offseason. 

The event hasn’t disappoint in the least bit, with plenty of exciting matches and upsets all weekend long. 

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The action got started in the Open Bracket, with two of the top-seeded teams, Imperial and Tainted Minds, being knocked out at the last-minute to make way for Excelerate Gaming and Mazer Gaming, respectively.

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While OpTic Gaming was the favorite coming into this first event, there were plenty of other teams looking to snatch the crown for themselves. 

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Find out who has been eliminated at what position in the final placements below, which will be kept updated throughout the weekend.

Due to the size of the bracket and the large number of teams in attendance, we’ve condensed our final placements to just the Top 64.  

CWL Vegas 2018 Final Placements (Updating)

Placement Cash Prize Pro Points Team Roster
 1 $100,000 25,000 OpTic Gaming Scump, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy, TJHaLy
 2 $60,000 15,000 eUnited Clayster, Arcitys, Presinni, JKap, ABeZy.
 3 $40,000 11,000 Splyce Temp, Jurd, Accuracy, Aqua, Loony
 4 $20,000 9,000 Luminosity Gaming Slacked, FormaL, John, Gunless, Classic
5-6 $10,000 8,000 Team Sween QwiKeR, Weeman, Nolson, Dylan, Braaain
Lightning Pandas MadCat, Alexx, Dqvee, Joshh, Peatie
7-8 $5,000 7,000 Str8 Rippin SpaceLy, Nagafen, Havok, MajorManiak, Maux
Evil Geniuses FeLo, Goonjar, Royalty, Saints, Xotic
9-12 5,500 Team Reciprocity Denz, Seany, Tommey, Wuskin, Zed
Red Reserve Bance, Joee, Rated, Skrapz, Zer0
Envy Aches, Apathy, Assault, Huke, Silly
100 Thieves Kenny, SlasheR, Enable, Octane, Fer
13-16 4,500 FaZe Clan ZooMaa, Attach, Crowder, Priestahh, Methodz
UYU Mayhem, Nova, Proto, Skyz, Spoof
G2 Esports Blazt, Ricky, Chino, Decemate, Faccento
Pittsburgh Knights GodRx, Lacefield, Pandur, Parasite, Theory
17-20 3,000 Excelerate Gaming Beehzy, FA5TBALLA, MRuiz, Believe, ProFeeZy
Team Heretics  Lucky, MethodZ, Sukry, JurNii, MeTTalZz
Mazer Gaming Apox, Ramby, Super, TeddyRecKs, Zapitus
Mindfreak BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Louqa, Excite
21-24 2,750 Tainted Minds Damage, Nimble, Setzyy, Swiftazor, Swifty
Revenge Brack, Demise, JetLi, Parzelion, Skilliosis
Imperial Denza, Hawqeh, Moose, Reedy, Vortex
FC Black Asim, GRVTY, Mosh, Phantomz, Tisch
25-28 2,250 Overtime eSport ATLAS, Breszy, rizK, Wailers, ZeeK
Fact Revolution Cammy, Chain, Defrag, Maple, SunnyB
Team Divine Bidz, Creza, Nevo, Niall, Deleo
Movistar Riders PuNi, Sammy, Supraaz, PeLuKaa, Oney
29-32 OutCold Gaming Destiny, Vicious, Newbz, Vivid, Wrecks
Vodafone Giants TojoR, Lgend, YaKo, Inven, Pepo
Enigma6 Group General, Diabolic, KiSMET, Kade, Frosty
Nation of Power Juka, Mizuno, Rampy, JTimp, Reign6
33-40 Auspicious Zyyral, Pawns, AaronSupreme, InfamousKev, Redblud
TrainHard eSport GraMs, Gandja, SwearZo, Staan, Abuzah
Disrupt Gaming Eleviate, HumanJesus, Johnny, Neod, Stamino
J4L Org DeoZ, Equuip, Oog, Previewz, Riviction
Midnight Esports Charullz, Envoy, GodFormz
Regal Reserve GorgoKnight, LlamaGod, Mochila, Nelson, Swarley
Nemesis Esports Jayto, Assassinn, Phoenix, MG2ReaL, Neg
Vertex Gaming Immense, Killerpie, Perko, Zepa, Zeuss
41-48 PRS Gaming Pemby, JHaZe, Zynx, KaTaNi, Risky
Vintage Gaming Tyson, Bacabec, Cruze, Dean, Lakie
Reign NA Remy, Diamondcon, CBALL, Shipping, Stevey
Grand Evo Gaming Herby, Envander, Sweat, JLags, DangleZ
Black Forest Games Revolt, Colgate, Detain, Keza, Insight
Raised by Kings KiLLa, Legal, TcM, TwiZz, HaLLy
Monaco eSports Stikers, mAxxie, SLG, ZaaQ, Cobra
Team WaR RobbieB3319, Atura, Cells, dareza, Jump
49-64 Terror Rising
3Kingz Gaming MahirPropheT, Kyzer, Delusions, Rayvn, Huss
Reign EU Jxcko, Baldy, Friiz, Fjeldzy, Monk
Final Gaming Cookie, Kivi, Phantom, Piero, Sharko
Cosconia Trance, Harley, NoEXCuuses, Ryzen, YellowBeanBag
Gone Gaming Beji, DREAL, endurAAA, Malls, Zayrox
Rose Esports Hitmxn, Decizionz, Fatal, Mujaydin, VinnyGizMo
Cyclone xodiiakk, Rizemblence, Element, Melt, Slawpster
Morituri eSports Archivz, Holler, Jimbo, Stumpfy, Zack
Vast Majoritys Am5ient, Siinless, TeeZey, Jumpy, Foncho
Orlando Reapers TurnUp2eZ, Happy, ColeChan, MiRx, Zinx
Variance Gaming TenDiamondz, RespLeX, Voiddie, DeeJayd, Nerves
Bulldog eSports  Patto, Ryann, ByronLinney, Meemo, Chunkk
iDomina Esports Blade, Predax, Pacobey, Wartex
Twisted Method Solo, Blfire, Miyagi, Bulseye, CaLiFa
Libalent Vertex Sitimenty, Inaba, AliceWonderland, zAzSy, Wenger