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Call of Duty

Painful streak of Modern Warfare fails is something we can all relate to

Published: 22/Jan/2020 0:29

by Alan Bernal


It’s not uncommon for a Call of Duty player’s high-IQ strat to end in disaster, making this string of Modern Warfare fails resonate with everyone who’s had an epic play blow up in their face.

From pro players competing for cash to casual weekend warriors, the intense firefights in Modern Warfare can easily lead to a mishandled grenade toss or a dilemma with even more damning consequences.

Call of Duty players typically shy away from their most embarrassing moments in a match, but Reddit user ‘justjoshinya89’ relished in their shortcomings by highlighting a string of unfortunate occurrences that happened to them.


Infinity Ward
The hectic battle in Call of Duty can sometimes lead to mistakes from players.

Their montage of misery all came in one life on St. Petrograd and started when they were holding a corner just as a door right in front of the player mysteriously opened.

Without knowing what could possibly be on the other side of the wall, the player had the presence of mind to use their equipment in order to clear out the room from possible attackers.

But a mistimed jiggle throw with a Semtex grenade made justjoshinya89 regret their decisions and immediately abandon the spot they were covering.

Sums up my Call of Duty skills Perfectly. from modernwarfare

Not one to be deterred, the player instead opted to use a Flashbang to disorientate anyone lurking inside of the room. It was a really smart adaptation from their first attempt, if only they had thrown it any better.


That wasn’t to be either, since the Flashbang hit the corner of the building and ricocheted right back to them – once again, forcing the player to give up their position.

For what would be their final attempt at clearing the inside of the building, justjoshinya89 once again relied on a Semtex. Instead of delivering the equipment into the room, however, their third attempt failed again and hit the narrow lamp post obstructing their view.

justjoshinya89 via Reddit
A good play turned sour when the player landed a Semtex on a narrow pole obstructing their view.

It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime throw.

But it seems like the player made a bit too much noise in his gameplay fails, since a different opponent came from his flank to quickly eliminate them.


The Modern Warfare subreddit had a laugh at the clip, but they were laughing with the Redditor rather than at them.

justjoshinya89 via Reddit
The Semtex landed just a few feet from the player, a familiar sight for many CoD players.

“Thanks for the laugh. I’d be a liar if I said I hadn’t done this many, many times,” one user wrote.

“Join the crowd. I thought this was my game play,” another person said.

The clip perfectly shows how a good idea can quickly turn against you in Modern Warfare, which is bound to happen to a player at one time or another.