Crimsix hits out at negative OpTic fans who make "ignorant comments" towards other players - Dexerto
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Crimsix hits out at negative OpTic fans who make “ignorant comments” towards other players

Published: 8/Feb/2019 22:01 Updated: 8/Feb/2019 23:18

by Albert Petrosyan


OpTic Gaming star Call of Duty pro Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter does not approve of fans who have a negative attitude towards players of other teams. 

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Crimsix, who usually avoids giving spiels on social media, tweeted out some strong comments on February 8 in response to a fan who had made an unwarranted remark.

It all started when Crimsix, his OpTic teammate TJHaLy, and Gen.G’s SpaceLy were having a lighthearted and banter-filled conversation on Twitter. 

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In the midst of that back-and-forth, a fan took things a little too seriously and decided to rush to the defense of the OpTic players by making a comment against SpaceLy and his squad: “To be fair, they won Vegas and you didn’t.”


Seeing that “ignorant” tweet sparked a reaction from Crim, who had this to say about the fan and all others like him.

“This is the stuff I cannot stand from the fans,” he tweeted. “I usually don’t publicly say anything, but the amount of ignorant comments directed to other pro players in any conversation with OG CoD is ridiculous. I know from experience that thinking before tweeting is hard, but please do it.”

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He also went on to agree with another fan’s comment about how many fans think they’re doing the right thing by defending the OpTic players on Twitter without realizing that a lot of what’s said on social media is just jokes between the players.


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Coincidence or not, Crimsix’s tweets came just days after former teammate and now 100 Thieves CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag made some comments on his livestream about how so many fans apparently want his CoD team to fail just because “they’re not OpTic Gaming.”

These two incidents are hardly isolated; over the years, the OpTic fanbase has been constantly accused of being toxic, spreading bad vibes, and trolling players of other teams.

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Only a few weeks ago, eUnited’s Clayster, also a former OpTic player, had to issue out an apology after going on a profanity-laced tirade against some Green Wall fans who had been trolling in his chat.


Maybe Crim’s tweets will finally get some of these OG fans to stop acting in such a childish way and ruining the reputation of a fanbase that’s filled with a lot of wholesome and passionate supporters.