OpTic Texas blast Seattle Surge’s conduct after failed Pred CDL transfer

Joe Craven
H3CZ next to Pred for Seattle Surge

OpTic Texas’ H3CZ has blasted fellow Call of Duty League franchise Seattle Surge for their handling of OpTic’s move for Pred, claiming it was “disappointing” and that OpTic were “tugged along”. 

The carnage surrounding OpTic Texas’ move to replace Dashy looks finally to have ended, even if the acrimony it generated has not. 

The Greenwall eventually settled on Huke to replace Dashy, but only after failing in moves for Arcitys and Pred. 

Pred has previously commented that he wanted the move and “everything” was attempted to make it happen, but it ultimately wasn’t possible. Seattle Surge, for their part, have been widely criticized by OpTic Texas. 

That only intensified in the January 13 episode of The Process, in which H3CZ spoke at length about how “disappointing” he found their conduct. 

H3CZ blasts Seattle Surge for handling of Pred saga

In his opinion, OpTic Texas were “tugged along” by the Surge. He explained that after a move for LA Guerrilla’s Arcitys failed to materialize, OpTic wanted Pred, whom they consider an “explosive” player. 

“When I spoke to the business leadership team at Seattle Surge on a Friday we were told one price,” he said. “By Wednesday that price had increased, so we met that price again. On Friday we met that price again after it went up a third time.”

After meeting all the inflated prices, the Surge apparently told OpTic that they would not let Pred leave, despite previously indicating their openness to a move. 

Timestamp: 29:45

“The fact that we got tugged along for a week is what I don’t appreciate,” H3CZ continued. “I don’t do business that way and I am surprised they do business like that… What I don’t appreciate is just not being told the truth from the beginning. If they’d have been like ‘hey we love Pred he’s not going anywhere’… I would have understood.” 

The move for Pred came about because OpTic Texas believed he would have “fit well” into their system, but it ultimately did not happen because of Seattle’s refusal to let him go. 

H3CZ finished: “He wanted to join. That’s a fact. Everybody had agreed to everything and then at the last minute the rug got pulled from under us. As much as I want to say I understand I just can’t bring myself to say that. It is what it is and now we know how they operate.” 

CDL Major 2 began with qualifiers on January 13. OpTic Texas will be looking to improve on their Major 1 finish, where they crashed out in 9-12th.