CoD pro Pred says “everything” was attempted to secure OpTic Texas CDL move

Pred playing for Seattle Surge in the CDLTwitter: Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge CoD pro Amer ‘Pred’ Zulbeari has claimed that “everything” was attempted to try and secure a move to OpTic Texas, as the fan favorite org continue to struggle to replace Dashy. 

CDL Major 1, won back in December by the New York Subliners, has given way to considerable chaos in the professional Modern Warfare 2 scene. 

Plenty of organizations have been embroiled in a mid-season rostermania, no more so than OpTic Texas. 

Scump’s final season was meant to be one of success but, so far, has been dominated by confusion and disappointment. OpTic Texas quickly moved to replace both Dashy and iLLeY but, with difficulties in drafting in new players quickly obvious, iLLeY now looks set to remain. 

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Dashy has confirmed he is no longer on OpTic and all reports claim the Greenwall failed in a move for Arcitys. It now looks like the same has happened in their move for Seattle Surge’s Pred, with reports claiming a record breaking CDL offer was a possibility. 

Pred says “everything was attempted” to secure OpTic Texas move

While live for 8s on January 7, the Australian CoD professional briefly discussed the reports, confirming that “everything was attempted” to make it happen. 

“Let’s just leave it at everything that could have possibly happened to make it happen was attempted,” he explained. “Let’s just say everything that was possible to make it happen was attempted… It was attempted to the highest level. It just wasn’t possible. Done everything we could, it just wasn’t possible.” 

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Unfortunately, Pred did not delve into details. However, reports have claimed that OpTic Texas offered unprecedented amounts of money to secure Pred’s services, but Seattle ultimately rejected the offer. 

After explaining why it didn’t come off, he affirmed his enthusiasm to continue the season with the Seattle Surge. 

“But hey, still got a season,” he said. “A long season. Gotta lock in baby.” 

OpTic Texas has since announced the addition of Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland, formerly of the Los Angeles Guerillas, as the fourth member of the starting lineup.

Seattle Surge look set to retain their entire roster, which placed second at Major 1.

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