OpTic Gaming and Conquest Esports Play Insane CTF Match at CWL Anaheim

Calum Patterson. Last updated: May 20, 2022

One of the best matches of Capture The Flag in the CoD: WWII season went down at CWL Anaheim, as OpTic Gaming were put to the test by a surprisingly good Conquest roster.

Conquest were an unknown entity to many fans at Anaheim, but after an impressive open brakcet run that saw them earn a spot in pool play, they showed exactly how they did it.

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Up on mainstage for likely the first time in their careers, the roster of KiSMET, GRVTY, Phantomz and Tisch were not fazed by their opponents OpTic Gaming, coming out firing.

They were outclassed in the map one hardpoint, as OpTic perhaps got into their comfort zone and predicted a quick 3-0 series win to warm up for the winners bracket later on.

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But KiSMET and co had other plans, known for their SnD prowess, the team put OpTic down on the second map, London Docks search and destroy, and looked composed going into map three.

And they’re composure with the pressure on shone through, as they battled evenly with OpTic on Flak Tower CTF, before pulling off an insane clutch to force overtime in the final seconds.

The important gunfights under pressure are what usually separates the pros from the amateurs, but Conquest came out on top to clutch up.

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OpTic captured first in overtime, but still Conquest would not go down without a fight. Phantomz continued to light up the kill feed, and they quickly found themselves in OpTic’s base wiping their opponents.

However, OpTic’s Anthony “Methodz” Zinni pulled a somewhat fortunate spawn, right where the Conquest players would not have been expecting him, and saved the game for OG.

Another close map four hardpoint was finally edged out by OpTic, leaving Conquest suffering a 3-1 defeat, one that will be painful when they see the spawn Methodz was blessed with on map three.

But they should certainly take a lot of confidence and momentum from this match into their remaining games at Anaheim, and could well surprise with a very solid placing if they keep this level of performance up.