MW3 player invents killstreak combo that creates a Juggernaut on wheels

John Esposito
MW3 player invents killstreak combo that creates a Juggernaut on wheelsActivision

MW3’s Juggernaut is a powerful entity, but incredibly slow. However, one team-up with a Wheelson makes it a nightmare to deal with.

Much like previous entries, Call of Duty‘s multiplayer continues to deliver explosive and nonstop action. At the top of that action is the Killstreak/Scorestreak system, a way to reward players who dominate the battlefield.

The Killstreak/Scorestreak system isn’t new by any means, and this year’s suite of streaks is rather impressive. Of note, the Juggernaut returns and continues to wreak havoc on lobbies with its massive minigun and soothing rock music.

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One MW3 player managed to snag a Juggernaut and created a neat way to crush the opposition.

MW3 player combines a Juggernaut and a Wheelson to epic success

One thing about the Juggernaut is it’s painfully slow. Granted, wearing a large suit of armor and lugging around a minigun should do that, but it’s still a slow burn as you mow down enemies.

One MW3 player grabbed a Juggernaut out of a Care Package, and at the same time, their teammate earned a Wheelson form one as well. They immediately coordinated a plan of attack, which involved the Juggernaut hopping on the mobile tank for a ride.

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Together, the duo rode around and rained fire on the C flag. The Jugg managed to get a few kills before being taken down, but the chuckles and good time last flooded the chat.

Care Package RNG like these two players received is hard to come by, but when it works, it’s a blast like no other as shown in the clip. The only thing that could’ve made this even greater is if the Recon variant was involved.

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MW3 is out now, and is currently in its first season of content, introducing four new multiplayer maps, MW3’s integration to Warzone, and much more.

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