OpTic Chicago can win CDL Champs if Scump fixes 1 issue

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Despite a disappointing finish at the Call of Duty League’s Stage 5 Major, Reverse Sweep’s Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion still believes OpTic Chicago can win 2021’s CDL Champs. But, to do so, OpTic’s top player — Seth ‘Scump’ Abner — needs to improve in one key area: his respawn game.

If you know of competitive Call of Duty at all, you know of Scump. The man known as “the King” is one of the game’s most legendary carries and has refused to slow down at 26 years old.  On the season, Scump has enjoyed a formidable 1.02 K/D, but that number lifted to a 1.05 throughout Stage 5 and the Stage 5 Major.

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While OpTic came up short in the Major, with a third-place finish, it was still their highest placement of the season and a reason for OG fans to be intrigued by CDL Champs. Enigma was most certainly intrigued as well, as he puts OpTic as one of the four favorites to win it all.

For the $2.5 million CDL Champs, Enigma believes that OpTic players like Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper need to step up. But he also suggests that, if Scump’s respawn game gets better, the team could be unbeatable.

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As you’ll hear Enigma candidly point out, FormaL needs to “step it up.” But Scump is the team’s star player and therefore the key to winning Champs.

The Reverse Sweep analyst explained why Scump is so pivotal: “The star player? I’m going with Scump. He has been phenomenal. OpTic Chicago started the year so poorly in S&D, Scump has been brilliant for them and flipped it on its head. And if he can keep doing that, as well as pick it just a tiny bit in the respawns, he truly can lead this team and the Green Wall to another Champs ring.”

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In Stage 5, Scump’s S&D K/D was a nutty 1.15, while his K/Ds on Control and Hardpoint were both 1.04. Enigma has a point, as it’s clear that OpTic’s legendary carry has the potential to help his team win it all.