Drazah “takeover” is key to underdog LA Thieves winning CDL Champs

Theo Salaun
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CoD Champs 2021 is right around the corner as the Call of Duty League’s season nears its biggest event of the year. Reverse Sweep’s Enigma broke down why the Alaskan Assassin, Drazah, can help the LA Thieves complete a CDL Cinderella story.

Having finished the CDL 2021 season at 18-21, with more roster changes than anyone can count, the Thieves are undoubtedly an underdog at Champs. But Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion has chosen them as his dark horse roster for a simple reason: upside.

Starting from the seventh seed, down in the Loser’s Bracket, Enigma believes that a combination of star talent, veteran savvy, and a slept-on flex player can push LA to a championship.

And that sleeper talent? Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan, otherwise known as the Alaskan Assassin. After tearing Challengers apart and playing multiple roles in stints for the Thieves, Enigma has seen enough to dub him the x-factor.

As Enigma analyzed, Drazah is no one-trick pony, in fact, he’s a multi-skilled stallion: “He can run any map, mode, weapon, role… this guy is very, very good … He has potential to be a star, to take over and I really, really want to see it at Champs. And I think we will.”

Noting Drazah and LA’s unanimously respected star Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams as two clear dominators, Enigma made note of the slaying capacity on the Thieves roster. With veteran legends like Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat and John ‘John’ Perez on the roster, it’s no surprise Enigma thinks LA can make a run.

slasher and the LA thieves team at CDL Stage 5 Major
Call of Duty League
LA Thieves are clearly improving, but will they be at their best at Champs?

But the Thieves do have some glaring weaknesses, namely their “consistency” and “map pool.” As Enigma dove into, the team simply hasn’t had as much time to gel as other rosters — making them inherently streaky when communication breaks down.

Given a decent break between LA’s Stage 5 Major exit and CDL Champs, one has to wonder how much the Thieves can catch up in preparation. No roster changes have been made and the talent is undeniable.

It’s nearly time to find out if Drazah and LA can do the unimaginable and bring a CDL Championship to the 100 Thieves brand.