Octane Responds to John’s Accusation That He Threw CWL Seattle to Join OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming player Sam “Larew” Octane has responded after his former teammate Johnathon “John” Perez suggested Octane threw the CWL Seattle Open to force a move to OpTic.

Octane had been playing with Luminosity since the start of the Infinite Warfare season, and had stayed with the organization with the new roster for CoD: WWII, as John and Jordan “JKap” Kaplan joined.

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The team had performed well early in the season, winning the CWL Montreal invitational event, and then winning their first major event together, CWL Birmingham, in April.

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After a third place finish at the Pro League Stage One playoffs, the team travelled to CWL Seattle, where they placed disappointingly, in 7-8th.

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In a recent interview with Dot Esports while at CWL Champs, John had this to say about his former teammate Octane, who left after CWL Seattle to join OpTic Gaming.

“Octane wanted to go to OpTic the whole time. He got offered like months before. And I honestly feel like he didn’t want to play for the team anymore, so we just let him go. If he didn’t want to play for the team – I actually feel like he threw Seattle just so he could join OpTic and at that point, just let him go and we’ll pick up FormaL, who wants to grind.

From past events we played at to that event – it’s not that [Octane] didn’t play as well – it just felt like he wasn’t going as hard or giving it 100 percent.”

A bold accusation to make, and one that Octane clearly didn’t agree with. Octane took to Reddit to make his response, and also revealed more about the messy OpTic – Luminosity trade.

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Octane’s revelation also begs the question, if it is true that John re-approached OpTic to join, why did they turn him down? Had the deal with Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni already been sealed?

Octane and the rest of the OpTic squad are currently licking their wounds after a heartbreaking defeat at CWL Champs 2018, where they were eliminated in group play, finishing top 24.

Luminosity continue to roll on in the tournament, currently top 6 heading into championship Sunday with a match against eUnited up next.

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