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Evil Geniuses Pulls off a Reverse Sweep to Reach CWL Championship Winner Bracket Final

Published: 18/Aug/2018 22:56 Updated: 18/Aug/2018 22:57

by Joe O'Brien


Evil Geniuses reverse swept Team Envy to reach the CWL Championship winner bracket final.

Evil Geniuses’ charmed run at the CWL Championship continues, having now locked in a minimum top-three placement.

On the second day of the event, Evil Geniuses were one map away from a group stage elimination, requiring a 3-0 sweep over OpTic Gaming to reach the playoffs. Having pulled it off, eliminating the defending world champions, EG swept aside Team Vitality and Lightning Pandas to reach the winner bracket semi-finals.

Their opponent their, Team Envy, would be their most challenging of the bracket so far. Envy’s own run had seen them dispatch FaZe Clan and Ghost Gaming, and they came into the series against Evil Geniuses hot.

Having taken the opening Hardpoint, Envy also claimed the first Search and Destroy, putting them just one map from victory. A tight Capture the Flag went all the way to overtime, but Evil Geniuses were able to secure it to stay alive in the series.

The second Hardpoint, on Gibraltar, was another back-and-forth affair, but in the final minute EG were able to pull away to force a fifth game, London Docks Search and Destroy. The teams traded rounds for the majority of the game, but a 1v1 win for captain Patrick ‘Aches’ Price clinched it for EG at 6-4.

Envy’s run isn’t over yet. They now go to the lower bracket, where they will face either Elevate or a rematch against FaZe Clan to stay alive.

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How to fix Warzone dev 6068 error on PC

Published: 24/Oct/2020 14:52

by Daniel Cleary


PC players have been receiving a lot of annoying dev 6068 error screens while playing Warzone and Modern Warfare since the release of Season 6. Here’s what you’ll need to know in order to fix the problem.

Crashes and error screens can be incredibly frustrating for players to deal with when attempting to play their favorite games and Warzone has had its fair share of them since its release in March.

One error screen has been appearing for players a lot lately, is a game freeze and crash followed by a “dev 6068 error” during attempts to play online.

warzone charcters at subway
Infinity Ward
PC players have experienced a lot of dev 6068 errors in Season 6

This dev 6068 error is often linked to issues with the computer’s software, such as having a corrupt DirectX installed, rather than a hardware issue. It can be caused by a number of things but having outdated Windows, System Drivers and non-optimal settings for your device, have all been found as causes as well.

As there are multiple ways for this error to occur, there are also a few solutions that have been found to help players to fix this annoying in-game bug. Here’s some of the things that you can do to fix the dev 6068 error.

How to fix dev 6068 error on Warzone

  1. Run Warzone and Modern Warfare as an administrator on your PC.
  2. In task manager, set a high priority on the Call of Duty app to prevent freezes.
  3. Download any updates for your computer’s System Drivers and make sure Windows is up to date.
  4. Open Battle.net launcher and press ‘Scan and Repair’ in the Call of Duty options menu.
  5. Set the Game Window to Borderless in the game’s video settings
  6. Deactivate any game overlays or performance monitoring apps such as Discord, Game Bar, etc.
  7. Disable settings such as Ray Tracing and turn shaders down on Warzone.
  8. Reinstall shaders in the graphics settings.
  9. If all else fails, you could try reinstalling the game to prevent the dev 6068 error.

It is quite unlikely that you will need to try all of these to fix the error, but it could also be caused by a third-party application that conflicts with the Warzone application, meaning you might have to clean boot your system to solve the problem.

Activision previously addressed these game crashes when they first appeared after Season 6, revealing that they were “actively investigating” the issues with Warzone and despite resolving it for some players, it still seems to be a major issue for others.

That’s all the information we have right now on this error code; as always, we’ll continue to bring you the latest as more is announced, so make sure to follow us on @DexertoINTEL for all the latest updates.