NRG trolls fans over Symfuhny “aimbot” accusations in Warzone

Symfuhny / NRG Esports

North American organization NRG Esports had the perfect response after their popular content creator Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier was accused of using aimbot in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Since the release of Warzone, Symfuhny has been one of the most active streamers on the battle royale, consistently pulling off strong performances in both tournaments and public matches.

However, the former Fortnite star received some backlash after questionable clips of his gameplay surfaced, leading some viewers to believe he was cheating.

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Infinity Ward
Symfuhny is one of the top streamers on Call of Duty: Warzone.

The unusual clips came from Lanier’s June 13 broadcast on Call of Duty’s BR, while he was teaming alongside fellow creators GreekGodx and Crowder.

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Symfuhny and his teammates were hunting down enemies from their bounty contract when his mouse flicked and stopped on two walls near where the opposing players could have been standing.

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Despite the first opponent in the clip being visible on Symfuhny’s screen, it still sparked a debate among many viewers online.

While some were quite suspicious of the bizarre mouse flicks, the majority of the content creators spoke out in defense of Symfuhny to claim he was legit.

Among those who spoke out was Shroud, who responded to G2 streamer Orb, explaining that Lanier’s mouse flicks “weren’t even on target,” and that it happens to him quite a bit as well, when moving his mouse to where he expects opponents to be.

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When the matter was brought to the attention of his esports org NRG, Symfuhny’s team perfectly trolled those by posting a Twitlonger regarding the accusations.

After baiting fans in, with many expecting an official response, NRG simply replied by telling those accusing him of cheating to “get gud kid” and taking the side of their player.

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Aside from the supposedly controversial clip, Symfuhny is one of the best streamers on Warzone and has even broken the Quads world record in the past, which was beaten by Vikkstar and the Atlanta FaZe pros shortly after.

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This is not the first time Symfuhny has received backlash during his time on Warzone, however, after he and Huskerrs recently hit out at Skrapz’s team following their defeat in the Royal Ruckus event.