Warzone Pacific Season 1 hits lowest ever Twitch viewership

Warzone Pacific Season 1 is game’s least viewed ever on TwitchActivision / Twitch

Warzone Pacific Season 1 has brought a new era to the battle royale. Despite the new content, this is the lowest viewed season on Twitch in the game’s history. 

After the Pacific update, Warzone moved away from Verdansk and to the island of Caldera. This brought many changes, like new weapons, World War II vehicles, game modes, and more.

Even though this gave players a new way to play Warzone, many claimed the battle royale was in its worst state ever.

With bugs aplenty, this has caused big streamers like Aydan, NICKMERCS, and others to stop broadcasting the game. Now, Pacific Season 1 is historically the lowest viewed on Twitch in the BR’s history.

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Warzone Pacific Season 1 worst viewed on Twitch

Twitch Warzone statsTwitchTracker
When looking at the graph we can see this is the lowest Warzone has been.

Warzone is arguably in a poor state and when it comes to viewers to numbers back it up. According to TwitchTracker, the Pacific Season 1 has pulled in the least amount of viewers since the game launched with around 65K viewers.

With average viewers of 70.6K in December and 59.1K so far in January, this marks the worst span a season has seen. If we include the back half of Cold War Season 6 then we will notice the worse three-month span ever as that month pulled in 50K viewers.

Players believe this is due to all the glitches the game has such as hackers still apparent, the freezing Buy Station bug, Gulag glitches, and many more. Even one of Warzone’s best has put their two cents in.

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Pro player Aydan, who has taken a break from the BR, claims that he can’t find the passion to stream the game as it would make him “miserable.”

The good news for Aydan and Warzone fans is that Raven Software are committed to fixing the game. They informed the community that Season 2 would be delayed as they work to address these issues and try to restore the game’s integrity. So this could be a turn to help bring the viewers back to the game.