NICKMERCS explains why he used to hate Atlanta FaZe’s aBeZy

Ryan Lemay

Newer NICKMERCS fans may not know, but the streamer was once a significant figure in competitive CoD. NICMERCS explained why he used to hate FaZe CoD pro aBeZy.

The former Gears of War and Halo pro also dipped his toe into competitive CoD. NICKMERCS used to compete in CoD SnD tournaments regularly up against CoD’s biggest names.

In 2018, NICKMERCS called out current FaZe star aBeZy, allegedly over a Call of Duty 3v3 wager match. During a Twitch stream, NICKMERCS called out the eventual two-time-world champion.

“When you spend enough time around somebody, you realize who they are,” the streamer said. “That kid’s a f**king a**hole. He’s been an a**hole his entire time in Call of Duty. He’s got very few friends and a lot of enemies.”

aBeZy responded by saying he has “absolutely nothing against NICKMERCS or the MFAM.”

At the time, aBeZy was a member of EUnited. Ironically, both parties are now members of FaZe, and NICKMERCS cleared the air on their relationship.

Atlanta FaZe Abezy
aBeZy has become a phenomenal talent.

NICKMERCS explains previous hatred of Atlanta FaZe’s aBeZy

NICKMERCS shared his thought about aBeZy during his August 9 live stream.

The streamer said, “I remember playing against 2Pac and aBeZy in Modern Warfare Remastered matches, and I hated aBeZy.”

NICKMERCS claimed that aBeZy “used to talk mad s*it,” and he caught him talking about him on 2Pac’s stream.

Now that aBeZy is a member of FaZe, NICKMERCS said that he better appreciates aBeZy’ chip on the shoulder mentality. The streamer also stated that he and aBeZy “put that behind” them, and “he is a good kid now.”

The CoD competitive community would love to have NICKMERCS back involved for Modern Warfare 2.

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