CoD experts claim Warzone 2 Ranked needs to copy Apex Legends to succeed

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Warzone 2 experts Aydan, JGOD, IceManIsaac, and Repullze have revealed what the upcoming Ranked mode needs to borrow from Apex Legends to be successful.

The four Warzone 2 personalities came together on the Pullze Check podcast to talk about the game’s upcoming Ranked mode. There’s not much known about the mode. IceManIsaac recently suggested that it will have a list of banned items, but that’s all we know so far. Even the pros are still out of the loop on how it will function.

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Players are brimming with anticipation for the long-awaited mode, but the group had some concerns that stem from the Warzone 2 potentially copying Modern Warfare 2’s Skill Rating system. They claimed that Apex Legends has things figured out in a way that CoD hasn’t managed yet.

Warzone 2 pros explain why CoD should copy from Apex Legends

The big problem that the Pullze Check crew is scared of for Warzone 2 is that a Ranked system has the potential to turn into a grindfest, meaning that the players will rank up too easily if they simply play the game a bunch instead of actually improving at it.

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This thought process stemmed from Aydan explaining that he feels that way about both Fortnite Arenas and MW2’s Ranked Play.

“Say you’re a Top 250 squad and you lose to a bunch of solo Crimsons – you don’t really lose as much SR as I think you should,” he explained. “Like ScummN, for example, he’s been doing 24-hour streams, and it shouldn’t come down to that. It should come down to skill.”

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As for how to fix that, JGOD suggested that “huge penalties” need to be applied to squads that lose to make the balance feel rewarding in the long run.

IceManIsaac pointed to Overwatch’s Top 500 system, which does have huge negatives in losses and an SR decay system that would keep players regularly playing, not allowing them to “camp” the top ranks.

The crew then brought up Apex Legends’ scaling RP penalty for each rank, with Aydan calling it “the best FPS BR Ranked mode” right now, and insinuating that Warzone 2’s Ranked needs to be similarly grueling.

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Of course, this is all theoretical for the time being, but this squad certainly feels like there’s a lesson to be learned from WZ 2’s competition.

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