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Next two DLC maps for Black Ops 4 Multiplayer may have been leaked

Published: 1/Feb/2019 22:28 Updated: 1/Feb/2019 22:42

by Alan Bernal


A new leak has given Black Ops 4 players an idea of what to expect in a future round of Multiplayer mode offerings from the Black Ops Pass.

Black Ops 4 released with a season pass that promised to give players a steady flow of new content throughout the year, and now it seems details of another installment of content have made their way online before an official announcement.


Known Call of Duty leakers ‘TheWewLads’ say that maps in line for the Black Ops Pass will have players fighting it out in locations named Station and Casino.

The information comes from file names leftover from the latest update to the PC version of the game, and has given a small look into what’s to come.


Station will pit players against each other in an “LAPD Station in the middle of the city,” according to the leak.

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As for Casino, teams will battle it out in a elegant map filled with vibrant lights, bars, slots and all the typical gambling fixtures once can expect.


TreyarchThe last batch of content for the Black Ops Pass took Multiplayer users to new heights with Elevation, but now it looks to bring things to a modern setting with maps called Casino and Stations.

The maps are a typical setting for first-person shooters to explore, and whether or not they are next in the lineup of new maps for the Black Ops Pass remains to be seen.

Although the next set of content has yet to be dated, much less detailed, players can expect to get news of the game’s next event around the end of Operation: Absolute Zero on February 18.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War beta update nerfs sliding bug: full patch notes

Published: 11/Oct/2020 17:39 Updated: 11/Oct/2020 18:40

by Theo Salaun


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Open Beta has received its first set of patches in an October 11 update deployed by Treyarch focused on sliding, settings, and tunings. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops is no stranger to sliding exploits, as players will most prominently remember from the “g-slide” back in Black Ops III. And the CoD community, as a whole, is very familiar with slide-canceling mechanics, as they have been pivotal to competitive movement in Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone.


It should therefore be no surprise that, following a series of exploits discovered with slides in the Cold War Open Beta, Treyarch are prioritizing a major sliding bug as the first bud to be nipped.

In a series of light updates, the developers have nerfed the Duster Stock’s impact on mobility, increase the Spy Plane’s cooldown, changed some game settings around, and deployed a crash fix.


It’s not exactly clear that the Duster Stock is the reason behind every single slide exploit discovered in Black Ops Cold War thus far, but it has been a major point of emphasis for those within the CoD community. In former Los Angeles Guerrillas pro player, Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price’s feedback, he singled out the attachment and said it needs a “complete overhaul.”

Treyarch have listened to those critiques and responded by tuning the stock so that its sliding speed is no longer as deadly. With the cross-play beta opening up for a weekend on October 16, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts.

call of duty black ops cold war open beta
While players have enjoyed discovering details throughout BOCW, they’ve been less happy about the movement exploits.

Past the Duster Stock adjustments, Treyarch has also increased the Spy Plane’s cooldown so that there can’t be too many of them hanging overhead at one time. This is a light change, but likely a welcome one.


Lastly, some settings changes were made, including to the TDM score limit and to the process of joining matches that are already in progress. Of course, they also tacked on a fix to a weird crash bug during Best Play after VIP Escort matches.

Black Ops Cold War October 11 patch notes

  • Adjusted tuning on the Duster stock attachment to prevent faster sliding than intended.
  • Increased the cooldown on the Spy Plane to help limit their numbers in the sky at one time.
  • Increased TDM score limit from 75 to 100.
  • Adjusted conditions for joining in progress to prevent players from joining matches that are about to end.
  • Fixed an additional crash that could occur during the Best Play in a VIP Escort match.