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New Warzone event teased in cryptic Call of Duty app message

Published: 20/May/2020 22:44

by Albert Petrosyan


In a mysterious notification sent through the Call of Duty app, Infinity Ward have hinted at some sort of event taking place in Warzone very soon.

A lot of changes are quickly happening in Warzone, as Infinity Ward are looking to keep injecting new content into their prized battle royale to keep it fresh.

On May 20, those who have the official Call of Duty app downloaded to their phones received a “confidential” message that could be a teaser for something big in the near future.

The notification was titled “Eyes only /// Confidential,” addressed to “Armstice Senior Operators” (aka players), with the subject “Tactical Alert.”

On May 19 at 2337 ZULU, Coalition SIGINT intercepted flash traffic from AQ regional comman outside Verdansk.

Message calls for a priority IP call with an unknown. Suspected recipient is TARGET DENVER.

Timing of meeting unknown – suspected for 21 May. Location to be confirmed. Surveillance activity has been authorized. MAINTAIN VIGILANCE ON COMMS FOR LOCATION OF ENEMY SURVEILLANCE.

There’s no doubt that the message is a warning about some sort of threat to Verdansk, and while the majority of the message is confusing, the one clear and important detail is the date.

So, whatever is going to happen will be taking place on Thursday, May 21, but the exact location remains “to be confirmed.”

However, Infinity Ward could drop more teasers between now and then, perhaps even in-game, so players should remain “vigilant,” just as the notification requests.

Infinity WardSomething is happening soon on the Warzone map, but the question is – what?

What could this mean?

Ties to Bunker 11

The cryptic nature of the warning does leave a lot of room for speculation, and it’s only natural for people to bring in Bunker 11 into the equation. On May 19, following the massive update in Modern Warfare, players were able to gain access to the various locked bunkers on the map.

However, one of those areas, Bunker 11, remained locked – until a select few solved the easter egg that opened the door, revealing it to contain a nuclear warhead in a space that was much larger than the others.

Considering how this vault was singled out by the devs and had features that differentiated it from the others, there’s a good chance that it will tie in with this upcoming event.

Infinity WardCould Bunker 11 have anything to do with the new Warzone teaser?

Black Ops Cold War

It’s no secret that Treyarch are developing the 2020 Call of Duty game, and there’s a strong indication, based on rumors, reports, and leaks, that it will be a soft reboot of the Black Ops series titled ‘Black Ops Cold War.’

Furthermore, many believe that Activision will use Warzone to start teasing their next release, and seeing as how most CoD games first start getting revealed in May, this upcoming event could be the start of that process.

Call of Duty

Best Warzone loot rotations to get more wins

Published: 24/Nov/2020 14:17

by Jacob Hale


Warzone has undoubtedly been a monster hit for Activision and the Call of Duty franchise, but even now players are still struggling to find the best loot rotations to maximize their chances of winning.

While Black Ops Cold War might be fresh on the shelves, Warzone is still super popular. Just as many players are dropping into Verdansk as ever before, and major changes Cold War will bring to the game are highly anticipated.

So, if you’re trying to figure out the best places to pick up loot and put yourself in the most advantageous positions for the long game, you’ve come to the right place, as we take into consideration potential zone pulls, best places to offer mobility and more.


Warzone hospital
Hospital is great if you want solid mobility — just make sure to grab that heli!

What you’ll find is that, most of the time, the circle pulls towards one of the four corners of the map, so there are several places for you to consider with this in mind, based on where you expect the zone to go.

Dropping at Hospital places you in the middle of the lower half of the map, with a whole bunch of loot available. The buildings surrounding the main hospital will often be busy due to the sheer amounts of loot available. But you can often find a lot of mobility as well, including a helicopter, when dropping here, setting you up for the long haul.


Warzone stadium open
The Stadium opening up completely changed the game.

Stadium was absolutely hectic when it first opened, but now it’s a much easier place to land, and as always, offers a lot of loot. The best part about Stadium is the chance of finding a keycard to open up the loot bunkers, which will get you more than sufficiently set up for the rest of the game.

Again, due to how central it is on the map, Stadium is great if the circle pulls anywhere towards the east side of the map, but it can also be used to loot up and push into Downtown, which is always a hotspot for players dropping in to the battle royale game.


Warzone prison
Prison is crammed with loot, but could be a game-winning drop if you don’t mind a slower game.

A Prison drop will rarely be the most exciting, except for the opening few minutes which will likely be hectic. That said, the loot on offer is often ideal, and many games see the circle finish around Prison too.

If you think the zone looks to be finishing in Prison, you can work your way through all the floors to amass serious amounts of loot, and if it finishes away from Prison you can easily float into the likes of Farmland and Port, which equally have good loot on offer.


warzone quarry back building
Quarry is popular, but is usually a fairly safe drop, which could be perfect if you want some peace while you loot up.

Quarry is always a busy spot, filled with contracts and, most importantly, loot. Offering good rotation opportunities, it’s easy enough to stock up on everything you need in Quarry before moving out to the likes of Military Base or even as far as Dam, depending on how the zone moves.

Similarly, you can move out to TV Station for a more central position, which in itself is also filled with loot, to maximize your chances of staying ahead of circle rotations.

Train Station

Warzone train station
Train Station has loot in abundance, and could definitely set you up well at the start of the game.

Finally, Train Station is arguably the best place to drop from a pure loot perspective. There’s unprecedented amounts of loot crates, and it feels like it naturally stretches out towards Downtown, Promenade, Boneyard and Hospital, making it easy to rotate out of when the zone moves.

Needless to say, if you drop at Train Station (and make it out alive), you should be more than prepared to take any gunfight and buy whatever you need from the Buy Station.

They’re our top picks for the best loot rotations in Warzone, but ultimately a lot of it comes down to personal preference. That said, these spots will guarantee you some solid loot and a decent amount of cash to use, so it’s worth practicing these drops and rotations.