Rebirth Island is “completely broken” and giving Warzone PC players wallhacks

Rebirth Island in WarzoneActivision

A number of Call of Duty Warzone players have complained that Rebirth Island is “completely broken” as PC players can see through pretty much every wall.

When Warzone was first launched in March of 2020, it came with just the one map – Verdansk. Though, with the integration of Black Ops Cold War a new map, Rebirth Island, has also been available.

The map is much smaller than Verdansk and is inspired by the Alcatraz map from Blackout in Black Ops 4.

It makes for quicker games, but the map does have issues. Players have reported that loadouts constantly drop outside of the map and certain buildings can be seen through thanks to clipping bugs.

Rebirth Island in WarzoneActivision
Rebirth Island remains the only huge change in Warzone in over a year.

However, PC players can now see through pretty much every building, giving them free wallhacks in matches on Rebirth.

Reddit user ElMontoya flagged the issue on March 20, showing that they were able to see through staircases in certain buildings. This, he recognized, wasn’t fair.

In a longer video posted to his YouTube page, the problem was much larger than just a few staircases. The player could see into everything, including the bunker in the middle of the map. He was worried he might get banned for wallhacking, but it also had a funny side as, when his team won, ElMontoya was flown away in an invisible helicopter.

He and his pals aren’t the only ones to have had recent issues with Rebirth Island though.

Reddit user PadoOne was sent back to the main menu after being hit with an airstrike, despite being inside a building.

Others noted that they’ve been having similar issues too. “This happens daily on Rebirth and in multiple buildings. It’s so infuriating,” said one. “That happened to me on Verdansk last night,” added another.

In terms of having free wallhacks, that issue can be solved with a simple disconnect and restart of the game. However, not everyone is going to be as sporting as ElMontoya.

As for being downed from airstrikes while in a building, that’s a problem for Raven to solve, and players will be hoping these issues are addressed sooner rather than later.