New Modern Warfare 2 glitch lets people create the ultimate troll class

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A Modern Warfare 2 player has used a new glitch in Season Two to create “everyone’s worst nightmare” loadout, featuring 2 riot shields.

Riot shields get a lot of flack from Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players. Despite the fact that they have been previously nerfed, they were one of the least picked “weapons” in the first season of Warzone 2, and the fact that certain lethal equipment guarantees a kill if it makes contact with a shield.

Despite all of this, the community likes to dunk on the shield and shield users themselves, exemplified by a post that’s gaining traction on the subreddit dedicated to the game.

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“I present to you, everyone’s worst nightmare. Double riot shield class, brought to you by the new equip glitch,” reads the title of a post by user Leading-Pop5059.

The post itself consists of a single screenshot of a loaoud with Riot Shields in both weapons slots thanks to the Overkill perk and a “equip glitch”. It also features a Flash Grenade, Proximity Mine and the perk Resupply, allowing the user to spam flashbangs and mines to their hearts content.

Call of Duty player unveils “everyone’s worst nightmare” loadout

The community reacted with a mix of appriciation for the humorous post, adding onto the joke by suggesting further changes to the loadout and the game, and sheer horror at the sight.

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“I hope it didn’t let you use it in a game… that’s so ridiculously op,” commented one concerned Reddit user.

Others were much more lighthearted about the idea.

“What’s next, throwable riot shields,” asked another user. Followed up by a response that reads: “Ammunition box with it just handing out free riot shields.”

According to WZRanked, the pick rate of the Riot Shield for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are at an all time low, as they are now among the 7 least picked weapons in the game, right next to all the rocket launchers.

It remains to be seen wether Riot Shields receive changes and ever come back into the meta of the game, but looking at the discussion within the community, the majority of players would not appreciate it.

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