NAMELESS Calls Out Pro League Teams For Not Showing Up Early to Practice – “Truly mind blowing”

Albert Petrosyan

With the CWL Anaheim major tournament over and done with, pro teams filed back to Columbus, OH to resume their action in the CWL Pro League.

However, as CWL analyst Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler went in to the MLG Arena bright and early on June 26th, he realized that only Red Reserve had come in early to get some practice in before their match.

It did not come as a shock that the Europeans were there getting their guns hot. After all, they were coming in to Week 5 leading Division A with a strong 6-1 record.

However, what apparently surprised NAMELESS was the fact that no other teams were in the practice area, despite the fact that there are several teams not performing up to the standards they should be in the Pro League.

In a video posted on his Twitter page, the former CoD pro offered his incredulous reaction to the fact that the only team who had come in early was the one that was doing the best, while all the other teams were sleeping soundly in their beds.

“So i get to the venue, nice and early, like a usual work day. I look at the pro lounge, the warm up stations. I see no one here. Keep in mind this Division has a bunch of teams that are 3-4. There is one team that is 6-1, and what do you know, what team’s here? It’s actually mind blowing is it not? I truly don’t understand. Any teams watching this, are you guys serious? You’re in bed right now?”

In the background, Red Reserve player Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall can be heard saying “some people want it, some people talk it,” which truly can be applied to this case judging by the posted video.

Ironically, it appears that the early practice did not do Red Reserve much good, as they got reverse swept by Echo Fox in their first match of the week.

However, one can easily understand the point that NAMELESS was trying to make that some teams clearly want it more than others.

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