Nadeshot shocks fan with incredible gift after Warzone duo challenge

Brad Norton
Call of Duty Warzone dropping in / Nadeshot playing Warzone while live on Twitch

A random Warzone player was left stunned after Call of Duty legend Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag put an incredible gift on the line if the duo could close out a win in their next match.

It’s not every day that you randomly matchmake into a game with a competitive CoD icon, but that is exactly what happened to ‘Private_Pyle’ during a recent Warzone session. Simply searching for a duo lobby, this longtime fan was dropped into Verdansk with the 100 Thieves CEO.

Before the round even started, however, Nadeshot noticed something was off. Noise was constantly coming from the microphone of his new duo. “Your PS4 sounds like it’s about to blow the f**k up man,” Nadeshot joked. In a matter of seconds, a new challenge was set in motion.

“If we win this game I’ll buy you a brand new PS4,” he offered. Immediately accepting, the duo dropped near the airport and it was time to “sweat” to secure the victory.

Call of Duty Warzone two players firing weapons
This player randomly stumbled into one of the luckiest duo lobbies you’ll ever see.

145 players filled the lobby from the very beginning as Nadeshot and his ally got to work. In one of the very first engagements, it looked like the challenge would be short-lived. Private_Pyle was downed and had to win his Gulag battle extremely early into the game.

Throughout the intense match, they worked together in constant communication. The player talked about his own 100 Thieves merchandise while Nadeshot offered advice in the moment to help their performance. They seemed to be getting along well on their way to a win, but one issue stood out.

The PS4 was so loud that it drowned out much of Nadeshot’s in-game audio. There were even times throughout the challenge where Nadeshot asked his duo to mute his microphone. “If you see anybody you have to mute your mic because I can’t hear s**t.”

After a clutch gunfight in the final moments, the duo actually managed to come away with the win. Immediately upping the rewards, Nadeshot offered a choice between a PS4 or a PS5 preorder but the 15-year-old duo went with the current-gen option.

You can see the full challenge in Nadeshot’s July 29 upload below.

“Private_Pyle clutched up, he was playing great,” Nadeshot said after adding his newfound duo as a friend on the PlayStation Network. “He earned it.”

There’s no telling when the 100 Thieves CEO might be opening his Warzone squad again in the future. But if you get lucky and find yourself in his game, who knows what kind of incredible gifts could be on the line.

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