CouRage and Lando Norris create world’s worst Warzone loadouts

Jacob Hale
CouRageJD and Lando Norris on Warzone

[jwplayer gd7BhumN]McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris returned to Verdansk after three back-to-back races — and joined up with YouTube streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop to try out the worst possible Warzone loadouts.

While most content creators look for the most overpowered weapons that can change the meta, such as NICKMERCS’ M13 or Vikkstar’s Bruen MK9, this duo, alongside Marcel ‘BasicallyIDoWrk’ Cunningham and NoahJ456, obviously had something else on their minds.

They took to Verdansk looking to prove a point by arming themselves with the world’s worst Warzone loadouts, and it made for some interesting viewing.

McLaren Lando Norris merchandise
Norris has been seeing some success transferring his skills to Warzone and the streaming world.

CouRage opted for what he believed was the worst-in-class assault rifle, the AK47, due to its insane recoil, and decided to make the recoil even worse. Pair that with a VLK Rogue shotgun Blueprint with minimal range and you’ve got a match made in hell.

Lando initially didn’t even know the names of what he was using, which really speaks for itself, but he did know that he had the Origin 12 Shotgun and a revolver, effectively making him useless at almost all ranges.

The issue with each of their respective weapons became abundantly clear almost immediately, as Jack tested out his AK’s recoil and was visibly shocked at how much it jumped, spending the rest of the video treating it more like a Dragunov than an AR.

Meanwhile, teammates NoahJ and Marcel had their own issues to deal with. Marcel was using the Code Breaker FR5.56 Blueprint with a smokescreen underbarrel, while Noah opted to exclusively use weapons that don’t shoot bullets; a crossbow and “a shotgun that shoots fire” — and it didn’t make for easy plays in Verdansk.

Timestamp 0:57

It took a few games, and it wasn’t pretty, but the squad did finally manage to get a win, albeit without the high number of kills they would usually expect. Noah managed to nab himself 12, but CouRage, Marcel and Lando got 4, 4 and3 respectively: not quite something to write home about.

It goes without saying that these guys won’t be opting to utilize these Warzone loadouts in real games, and as they’re playing, you can definitely see why.

Whether they’re the worst possible Warzone loadouts isn’t clear, but nobody else is going to be rushing to use these classes any time soon.

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