Nadeshot & Dr Disrespect slam CDL after HCS return breaks records

André González Rodríguez
nadeshot dr disrespect
Twitter: @nadeshot / YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Nadeshot and Dr Disrespect continue the Call of Duty vs Halo debate by firing shots at Vanguard following the HCS’ record-breaking return. 

The Call of Duty versus Halo debate is a tale as old as time. With both being FPS games and both conceived around the same time, comparing the two is natural in the gaming world. This comparison also extends into their esports.

At first, Halo was king long before esports was even the coined term, but was overtaken by CoD after the release of Black Ops 2. Add what many viewed as less than ideal Halo titles in Halo 4 and 5 and the comparison was barely worth it.

Now, with the release of Vanguard and Halo Infinite, the debate’s been reignited. Not only are they compared as usual but the latest CoD release “spits in the face” of CoD Esports according to the game’s pros. 

343 Industries
Halo Infinite Multiplayer was released on November 15

Nadeshot & Dr Disrespect slam CDL upon HCS’ record-breaking return

One person who’s been known for his praise of Halo and was a former CoD pro himself had a lot to say following the HCS’ record-breaking return

Co-owner and CEO of 100 Thieves, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, took to Twitter to express his disgruntlement in a lengthy thread on how the CDL has handled CoD esports and how Vanguard has affected it. 

“Competition needs to be a core pillar of development for Call of Duty dev studios,” he said. “A fair and balanced game throughout map design, weapons and equipment is the only way to bring players back to the franchise in the most competitive gaming market in industry history.”

He explained that “a game can be fun for casual players and competitive alike, ”and in order for the game to succeed in a competitive sense there needs to be an “index heavily towards competitive integrity.”

That’s not all as he added that ranked playlists — a featured beloved back in Black Ops 2 — “cannot be an afterthought in any FPS title.” Mentioning that it should be standard procedure for every CoD game. 

In the end, Nadeshot understood that it’s bigger than just a plug and play, or just adding the playlist and that players “cannot begin to understand the complexity and layers of difficulty that come with building games.”

Nadeshot wasn’t alone in these comments either as he had many others agree with his words in the replies to his thread. The likes of, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect added, “Let’s put things in perspective. It’s been 10 years since Black Ops 2 had League Play.”

While one of the founders of MLG, Adam Apicella said, “Matt, I said this months ago: CDL needs to launch within 2 weeks of launch of the new game. Would be HUGE and at the height of the engagement curve.”

CoD and the CDL have been under a lot of scrutinies recently, and the HCS’ surprising return added more to that. Only time will tell if Activision will take action to help appease the pro-CoD community’s concerns.