OpTic H3CZ explains why the CDL “isn’t ready” for more expansion teams

Activision/YouTube: HECZ

While Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is one of the owners of the OpTic Texas Call of Duty League team, he’s revealed that he doesn’t believe the league is actually ready for more teams, as calls for expansion continue to grow.

Since its inception, fans of the CDL have called for expansion, wanting to move up from 12 franchises to 16 or possibly even more, especially given the raw amount of talent in Challengers.

That said, the league only recently found a buyer for its 12th spot after NRG pulled out of the league, with Oxygen Esports and Kraft Group joining up to start a Boston CDL franchise.

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While other parties have reportedly shown interest, with RISE Nation owner Rodger Saffold suggesting talks have happened as well as the possible Washington deal falling through, there have been no signs of expansion — and H3CZ thinks that’s for good reason.

Scump and Shotzzy modelling OpTic Texas merchandiseOpTic Texas
The OpTic Texas players shouldn’t expect any new competition to the CDL too soon.

Speaking with OpTic Texas star Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro on the Eavesdrop Podcast, the 20-year-old SMG asked “Where’re the 16 teams?” H3CZ, as ever, was perfectly honest on his thoughts with Shotzzy.

“Look, I don’t think that we’re ready for 16 teams,” he said. “I don’t think we’re ready, man. I don’t think the monetization ability is there.”

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With Shotzzy asking if that comes down to the likes of League Play, confirmed third game modes and other issues competitive fans have with the game, H3CZ expanded a bit.

“We’re lucky and blessed to be one of the 12 teams, but there’s a slight disconnect even among teams. I see a lot of teams not putting the resources behind that they do.”

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He goes on to discuss the effort being put forth by certain franchises, saying that he finds it annoying when he visits a team’s YouTube channel and they haven’t uploaded for five months, among other things.

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While expansion seemed unlikely ahead of the 2022 CDL season — one that some consider “make or break” for the league — H3CZ’s doubts over the viability of expansion will definitely put a damper on people’s hopes for next year.