100 Thieves claim over $2 million loss on CDL championship team: “I’d do it again”

Ryan Lemay
100 Thieves winning a title.

The 100 Thieves CDL team won COD Champs in 2022, but President & COO John Robinson reported a loss of $2,500,000 from the season. Despite that, he doesn’t regret backing the team.

CDL Rostermania 2024 has delivered one of the craziest offseasons in recent memory. Four teams announced the departure of their entire rosters, including the LA Thieves. The dominoes began to fall for LA in late June when ‘Octane‘ retired from professional Call of Duty.

Envoy, Drazah, and Kenny followed suit and parted ways with the organization in July. Envoy is in talks to join the Toronto Ultra for the upcoming season, while Drazah has reportedly opted to join Atlanta FaZe over OpTic Texas.

Kenny’s future is still up in the air, but his departure marked the end of an era for the 100 Thieves that included a World Championship and several Major titles. Nadeshot and other 100 Thieves executives opened up on their plans for the CDL team moving forward.

100 Thieves report $2,500,000 loss from championship season

During an episode of Nadeshot Knows, 100 Thieves President & COO John Robinson claimed: “We lost $2,500,000 from our Call of Duty program last year when we were the World Champions.”

Robinson doesn’t regret the organization’s decision to back the CDL team, though. “Would I do it again knowing there was a World Championship on the other side? Absolutely 10 times out of 10. I am glad we did that for our community and our brand.”

Not regretting it doesn’t mean the 100 Thieves plan to spend that type of money again for its 2024 CDL team. Robinson explained the thought process behind the organization’s decision to scale back for next season.

“I think the days of having something that is losing millions of dollars, hoping it will be worth more in the future. I don’t think those are smart things to continue to do.”

Nadeshot spoke about how hard it was losing Envoy and Drazah, Kenny but admitted he can’t blame them for pursuing “more lucrative offers” to support them and their families better.

“When you have players like Octane, Envoy, Kenny, and Drazah, and they deliver championships for you, you want those guys to be around forever. Unfortunately for us, and the situation we are in, that is just not the reality.”

The former COD pro reassured 100 Thieves CDL fans that he doesn’t expect the budget limitations to be a permanent fixture.

“I don’t think that this era of 100 Thieves esports is going to be like this forever, where we have to be very stringent around our spending and be as creative as possible with younger talent and making bets on new players.”

The 100 Thieves have plenty of roster decisions to make ahead of the 2024 CDL season.