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Nadeshot very quickly changes his mind about returning to competitive CoD

Published: 19/Oct/2018 17:10 Updated: 19/Oct/2018 17:42

by Wyatt Donigan


Black Ops 4 has gotten the competitive juices of the Call of Duty community flowing, but it looks like not everyone is cut out for the big time.

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All throughout launch week of Black Ops 4, 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has been putting in a ton of time with the game on his stream, even competing in Dr Disrespect’s Code Red Blackout tournament on October 18.

Given the fact that Nadeshot is a former player, it’s no surprise that he might have been feeling the itch to get back into competing after seeing all the hype surrounding the game’s release.


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During a recent stream, Nadeshot was particular feeling good about his chances and vowed to grab his jersey and get back into the swing of things.

“I’m nasty already. Bro, I’m coming back. Fuck it, I’m quitting 100 Thieves. I don’t wanna be CEO,” declared Nadeshot in a moment of extreme confidence.

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Unfortunately for Nadeshot, he’s immediately gunned down mid-sentence, realizing that he may have gotten ahead of himself a bit.

After quickly clearing his throat, Nadeshot snaps back to reality and says he “really loves being the CEO of [100 Thieves]” and that he “loves working on the business rather than playing.”


To add insult to injury, Nadeshot loses one more gunfight for good measure and declares that he’s “never coming back.”

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100 Thieves might have one of the most stacked rosters heading into the upcoming Black Ops 4 season, but it doesn’t look like their CEO will be joining them anytime soon.