Nadeshot accidentally leaks Chicago CoD’s name in stream slip-up

Founder of 100 Thieves and ex-professional player Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag accidentally leaked the name of Chicago’s CoD franchise in a hilarious faux pas, as he played Modern Warfare with FormaL and Scump. 

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With Modern Warfare now out for everybody to experience, fans are eagerly anticipating the new franchised league more than ever. However, there are still plenty of announcements to come first.

There have been countless leaks and rumors regarding rosters and team names, with numerous signings and announcements being made public everyday.

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ActivisionThe Call of Duty League (CDL) replaces the CWL for the first time.
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One announcement yet to be made is the name and branding that the Chicago CoD franchise will operate under. Rumors thus far have suggested it will be ‘Chicago Huntsmen’, who will feature a similar logo to that of the Houston Outlaws Overwatch team. 

The Chicago CoD franchise has confirmed a star-studded roster of Arcitys, Envoy, Gunless, Scump and FormaL. 

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Nadeshot was playing with Scump and FormaL on October 25, when he made the hilarious slip-up. According to viewers of Nade’s stream, he had been in the lobby for barely 30 seconds when he said: “Are we bringing the team back? I feel like I could be a sub (SMG) for the Huntsmen.”

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There was an awkward silence immediately after Nade’s mistake, as Scump and FormaL seemingly couldn’t believe what their ex-teammate had just said. 

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“The what?” Scump finally replied, before dissolving into fits of laughter. “Oh my god I’m texting Hector.” 

Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is the ex-CEO of OpTic Gaming, and the current head of NRG’s Chicago CoD franchise. In other words, he will have been heavily involved in the acquisition of Chicago’s operating name, as well as its logo. 

NRGH3CZ joined NRG, owners of the Chicago CoD franchise, following his departure from OpTic Gaming.
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H3CZ is known to be good friends with all three of the men involved in the clip, at one point or another being their ‘boss’ as they competed as professional players.

For his part in the hilarious moment, Nade just shook his head and laughed gingerly, as if he couldn’t fathom the slip up he had just made. 

Given the announcement of Chicago’s roster came just a few days ago, we can expect to see official confirmation made anytime soon. 

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