Mysterious ‘CoD Burner’ has returned and dropped a ton of new leaks and information

. 3 years ago

Call of Duty esports’ very own ‘CoD Burner’ account has made a comeback online, posting a heap of information on Reddit, claiming to have insider knowledge of rostermania and more.

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The account, ‘codburner2018mania’, started posting information on Reddit during the Call of Duty: WWII season, and returned ahead of the Black Ops 4 season too, followed by a period of silence.

On January 5, the account made a comeback, summarizing details from the past year or more of behind the scenes happenings, including potential rosters that never came to fruition.

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The main focus is on a so-called ‘Rich Guy’. This elusive character has cropped up many times in the CoD Burner’s posts, and is apparently a mysterious investor who is acquainted with many of the top professional players.

Boasting large salary offerings and even the potential for ownership in the organization, CoD Burner claims many players, including Scump, Clayster, Karma, John, Apathy, Gunless, Crimsix, Attach, FeLo and ZooMaa, were approached to join a new team under ‘Rich Guy’s’ direction.

However, due to numerous and complex decisions, nothing ever came of the potential new organization, resulting in the current shape of competitive CoD, with Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves the only new major team entering the space for the Black Ops 4 season.

A summary of ‘Rich Guy’ from CoD Burner:

CoD Burner’s summary of the mystery ‘Rich Guy’.
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Another, perhaps more controversial claim, is that OpTic Gaming were set to drop the CoD team during the WWII season, ahead of CWL Atlanta. CoD Burner states:

“Supposedly right before they were going to meet [Rich Guy], Infinite decided to drop the halo team and very nearly dropped the cod team the day before the event too.”

There is very little in terms of actual proof to verify any of CoD Burner’s claims, other than circumstantial evidence, such as James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks eating at a Frisco steakhouse around the time CoD Burner claims ‘Rich Guy’ arranged to have Clayster fly to Frisco.

However, professional players have hinted in the past that CoD Burner has posted correct information, that only someone with close relations to players would know, giving some weight to their claims.

Source: Reddit

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