MW2 players call for scrapped Vanguard feature following Valderas Museum return

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Museum is an MW2 map that first debuted in the beta before being pulled from the list, and some fans think its arrival is the perfect excuse to bring back an old Vanguard feature.

Valderas Museum has returned in the Season 2 update, which alongside Dome, marks the first multiplayer map additions to the game since its launch.

While the announcement drew a lukewarm reception at first, many have praised the larger map for bringing a nice change of pace to the game. Still, there are naysayers that believe it’s too big to fit the current multiplayer parameters and that a familiar CoD feature is the way to make it work.

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MW2 players call for Vanguard feature after Valderas Museum return

Museum is a large map, but there are a few similarly sized maps in the game as well, and players are ready for Infinity Ward to help them pick up the pace.

That’s why a few players have rallied around the call for the return of playlists similar to Call of Duty Vanguard’s Combat Pacing feature. This menu allowed for a diverse style of matchmaking which let each individual choose the size of their lobbies.

When talking about the size of the Museum, one player on Reddit praised its overall design but claimed that it’s “absolutely enormous” and needs more players to work.

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There were essentially presets for small, medium, and large lobbies, giving everyone a chance to determine just how chaotic they wanted to play.

Other MW2 battlegrounds, like Museum and Taraq, have both been criticized for their pace in 6v6 lobbies, and implementing a 10v10 (or more) option could solve a few issues, as well as open up the door for even faster-paced gameplay on the smaller maps.

Until a change is made though, expect some slower matches when queuing into kill-based game modes.