MW2 players call for John Wick operator skin: “Why is this not a thing yet”

Jessica Filby
John Wick Skin Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 players are calling for a new John Wick operator skin to come to the game, with many wondering “why is this not a thing yet.”

Call of Duty as a whole is no stranger to adding in famous figures as playable skins. From the recent addition of sporting legends like Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Paul Pogba to more fictional personalities like Shredder.

Now, after the announcement that Kevin Durant will soon be arriving in Modern Warfare 2, many fans are suggesting a brand new operator joins the fray in the form of legendary mercenary, John Wick.

MW2 fans call for the addition of John Wick operator skin

Taking to Reddit, one player expressed their frustrations regarding the lack of John Wick in their game, writing, “Dear, whoever is in charge… Why is this not a thing yet?”

In the comments, they also explained that Infinity Ward need to “give us a reasonably priced bundle with John Wick, a John Wick style execution, and a corresponding assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol combo.”

Shortly after posting, hundreds of similar players took to the comments to express their agreement, with some providing reasons as to why he’s not yet in the game.

“If they were to do a Wick crossover, it definitely wouldn’t be “reasonably priced”, by community standards.” commented one fan as they expressed their frustrations regarding the recent bundle costs.

Plenty of players were thrilled by the idea, stating “that would be so cool” and “that’d be badass! I’d get it!”

However, others took the time to comment on the recent addition of Kevin Durant, highlighting how they’ve seen “many people wanting john wick more than athletes.”

Another player agreed, commenting “When you think of a badass operator, nothing says tactical like a 6’10” basketball player. Hey Activision, wrong kind of shooter.”

While there are new skins coming to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 on a regular occasion, no word has yet been announced regarding a possible John Wick arrival – but it’s safe to say many fans would be thrilled.