MW3 players wonder why random operator has more new skins than Captain Price

Brianna Reeves
mw3 operator skins

Call of Duty: MW3 players are wondering why a minor operator character has more new skins than protagonist Captain Price.

Given the live-service nature of the experience, MW3 players will have plenty of content to sift through in the months ahead. Many especially look forward to the release of new operator skins, which the Season 1 Battle Pass for MW3 and Warzone recently delivered.

But some operators get more love than others when it comes to these types of updates. For instance, of the seven Season 1 Battle Pass skins, two were designed for Scorch while the remaining five were devoted to BBQ, Doc, Enigma, Jet, and Pathfinder.

However, players can’t help but wonder why longtime Modern Warfare protagonist, Captain Price, is receiving even less attention in this regard.

MW3 player wonders why Pathfinder is “receiving all the skins”

Pathfinder plays a minor role in MW3’s campaign, yet, as a Redditor demonstrated with a screenshot, the freedom fighter has already “gotten more skins in less than a week than CAPTAIN PRICE has in over a year.”

Others in the thread also mentioned that operators like BBQ have received plenty of free skins, though there are “hardly any KorTac operator skins.” Another user chimed to say, “Scorch is also getting 5 separate skins before S1 reloaded. Between him BBQ and Pathfinder, kortac ops are struggling to get decent skins.”

Of course, MW3 players have come up with a few theories to explain the operator skins issue. “My crack theory is they felt bad for how dirty [Pathfinder] was done in the campaign,” one person hypothesized.

Another Redditor argued that money constitutes the root cause. “Money. Cpt. Price already got his sh** in older titles. So they have to sell new sh** to the kids because kids don’t buy old sh**.”

But there’s also the argument that it’s too early to pass judgment since Modern Warfare 3 just launched. More skins are coming after all, so maybe this concern will prove moot in a few months’ time.